Hello everyone! Today we’re going to share with you a little hack we use to automate some of our systems. I’m sure lots of people have heard about Zapier, but a lot of you might not know how much manual work it can take away from you! 

Zapier is a piece of technology that can make two systems talk to each other, so you set up zaps, and those are what tie the systems together. We use Zapier for all sorts of things! If we have two systems and I’m doing manual data entry for them, we set up zaps to take away that work.


For example, we use Quickbooks for invoicing, but we have an operations spreadsheet with a tab for receivables to see everything quickly. When we get something paid, we would have to manually add it to the spreadsheet. We connected them with Zapier, and once we send out the invoice, Zapier connects it to the spreadsheet and does all of this for you.


Zapier a really awesome tool to use to connect your systems and optimize your workflow. Hopefully this was useful for you today, let us know what you automated!