One thing the Empty Desk Solutions team get asked quite frequently is ‘what type of reporting are you going to provide me with?’ and ‘Why should I care about my social media analytics?’.

As you are probably aware of by now, we like to take all of our client questions and turn them in to a blog post to share with you!

The answer is really quite simple – we provide full unrestricted access to our social media reports that we use for ourselves to each and every client because we feel that it’s important that they understand who their market is on social, who they are reaching, what type of content is helping them grow online, and any spots that might have room for improvement. In every other form of marketing you have some kind of expectation or benchmark for success, social media shouldn’t be any different!

If you make yourself or your marketing team a goal for how many new followers you want or what percentage of engagement you would like to see, do you give them the tools or do you yourself have the tools to measure this and review each month?


Here is a real report for the Empty Desk Solutions channels for the last 30 days. This is our own account and we haven’t been spending money on ads this month but you can still see the growth and engagement with just our content!

Download the report here: Empty Desk Solutions-comprehensive-Mar-15-2016-10-06

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