Happy Monday friend!

How was your weekend? Mine was full of bday celebrations… COVID19 style that is – blah. My husband had his bday and we couldn’t exactly go out anywhere or have visitors due to the public health restrictions in our area right now, but that didn’t stop us from appreciating what’s around us. We went for a chilly walk, had some gifts to open (hooray new frying pan and cozy robe – yes… adulting bday gifts hah!), had his fav dinner (Hi Sam Remo Pizza!), and let the kids host a movie night for us. Pretty great if I say so myself 😉

Guess I should get to it for today. I wanted to talk to you about email marketing and ask a you a few questions.

  1. Do you have all your contacts only on social media? (yikes!)
  2. Do you have all of your contacts in good ole’ Microsoft outlook or gmail? (better, but still yikes!)
  3. Have you thought about using email marketing but stopped short of creating a strategy to be consistent with it? (we’ve all been here!)
  4. Do you know if the platform you’re using to communicate is effective for you?

I’ve been there!

I want to share with you ONE reason (the most important reason in my opinion) to embark on an email marketing/communication journey for your business. It’s really quite basic to grasp, and it’s coming from a place of not wanting what’s happening to me, to happen to you…

The short answer: your email list is the only marketing piece where you actually OWN your data and contacts.

If you’ve been opening my emails for a while, you might be familiar with my story of getting hacked on Facebook in the summer. Not only did the hacker do financial damage to my own ad account and the accounts of others, but they messed around enough that my account has been disabled not once, not twice, but three times now as a result. This most recent lock-out has been over 2 weeks now. The personal content and photos etc that I can’t access is devastating enough on it’s own, but the moral here is that I dont control what Facebook does, and I own literally nothing that’s there even though I worked to build my following on both my personal and business pages. So… what can I control? What do I build that I actually own?

For years I’ve consulted clients to ensure that they have multiple channels for their marketing (diversified marketing). For example, don’t just have a Facebook page, but have a Twitter account, an Instagram page, a LinkedIn profile etc. That way if something happens with one, you still have your platform on another. 

Unfortunately for me, even though I followed my own advice above by having multiple social media channels for my business, I didn’t (until this year) really focus on building an email list. Imagine that… 7+ years of social media marketing as a business and although I had that ‘subscribe’ box on my website, I never truly focused on figuring out how to build my list, give them (my subscribers) more value, and in turn monetize my list by using it as a communication channel for potential clients that like what I’m all about.

This year I decided I’d grow my list. I’ve gone from 100(ish) people on my list that were current and past clients to 1500+ subscribers (my goal was 2000 by the end of the year). 

Want to know how I have done that? Stay tuned for my next email (let us know if you want to subscribe, we will add you!) and I share some of my secrets. But for now, I’d love for you to take a look at your communication strategy and see where email marketing can fit in. You don’t have to always have something to sell or a ton to say. Just start with the basics. Decide how often you want to speak with your audience via email and what you might share with them. Then decide what platform to use and just start!

If you need any advice on a communication strategy – I’m here for you.

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Until next time,