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    If you’ve brushed off creating a Google Business Listing because you feel like it doesn’t apply to you, here’s our monthly stats to chew one (this doesn’t even go in to detail yet about how many people looked us up for directions or calls etc).

    Your google business listing is relatively easy to set up and although the verification process can take some time, it is still really one of the best things to register for your business so that you come up in local searches for your service or product.

    Here’s a few insights from the Empty Desk Solutions January Insights from our google business listing:

    ​*We had 1.53K clicks to our website and 73.5K impressions (wow!).

    *Our top growing pages were (no surprise here) how-to blogs like our popular ‘how to add an editor to your Facebook page’ – this one consistently ranks #1 in our traffic – clearly people are searching how to do that. (pro-tip: take a question people often ask you, turn it in to a how-to blog and take advantage of that search traffic!).

    ​*People are landing on our website when searching how to add a Facebook editor and admin, and they are searching for our company by name. Our website has enough keywords over time that it should come up high enough in the search results, but if you are someone with a new website or no website at all, you definitely want a google business listing so that it comes up when your company name is searched.

    *Our traffic is in largepart being viewed on a desktop device which I attribute to the business audience looking for services while they are sitting at a computer. If we were to look at the stats from our social media channels I’d be willing to bet its 75% or more on mobile.

    What do your stats look like this month? If you don’t already have a google business listing set up, I encourage you to get one ready so you can power up your website traffic, show up more in google searches for your product or service, and collect powerful reviews.