Email Marketing – The basics and how to decide if it’s right for your business!

Email marketing can be scary… especially when you consider the upfront cost and time investment to get it running. But could it be one of your most valuable marketing tools? We think so!

The Email Marketing Basics

First things first, we are a Canadian based business, so we have to talk quickly about ‘CASL’ which is the ‘Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation’. Now, we aren’t lawyers, but we do have a very deep understanding of these rules and before you embark on any email marketing journey, be sure to read up on the rules here:

If we had to sum the rules for any email marketing beginners, we would say:

  • Consent is mandatory and there are two types. Implied, and Express. Implied basically means it’s good for 6 months and you did not get an actual opt-in to communication via email with someone (see the fight-spam website above for details). Express means someone has clicked to confirm a subscription or opted in somehow (by giving you their email and confirming consent) which lasts forever (until they unsubscribe).
  • you MUST include an unsubscribe link for people to be able to unsubscribe themselves
  • DONT buy an email list – this is risky as people didn’t opt in to be emailed by your business

To easily digest this weeks material, we have broken it down in to a Q&A style – we hope this helps you determine if email marketing is right for you! And if you need any help, we are here for you. We are experts in creating beautiful and clean email marketing templates and campaigns – reach out if you need us!

Top 10 Email Marketing Questions – from our clients:

  1. Why would email marketing benefit my business?
    1. It’s targeted! People are generally expressing interest for a specific topic (like you did for this series)
    2. Engagement is higher than many other marketing channels.
    3. You have a captive audience – it’s a great way to stay connected and make announcements to your current client-base/database.
    4. It’s personal – you can segment your database to send certain lists and people different information based on their preferences.
    5. it keeps you top of mind! Even if someone isn’t ‘ready to buy yet’ – it doesn’t mean they never will. Email marketing is your nurturing campaign until those people do in fact need your business service or product.
    6. Generate sales – not just for retail and product based business, but service businesses as well!
  2. How much does email marketing software cost?
    1. This can range anywhere from free to hundreds/month depending on what functionality you need. Most of our clients use the free version of mailchimp (free until you reach 2000 subscribers). And some are on the paid platform if they want advanced ‘automation’ features such as scheduling drop campaigns like this one (they start at $10/month and are very affordable).

The rest of the questions below answered on the blog:

  1. How much does it cost to get someone to manage my email marketing?
  2. How do I come up with content for my email marketing campaigns?
  3. How do I get people to sign up for my list?
  4. Should I design my own emails or get them professionally designed?
  5. How should I test the look of my email campaigns?
  6. How do I measure email marketing success?
  7. Is it necessary to plan what you are going to send throughout the year?
  8. Where should I start?


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