Weekly Marketing Tips Series – Week SEVENTEEN

This question came to us from our blog…

“Great question! We have an SEO partner that we work with that we refer our clients to – We primarily focus on creating great content that will engage an audience and build a consistent presence for small businesses.

There are little things we add, such as google review campaigns and adding blog posts to client websites, (then linking to them from social media), that do indeed help build their SEO, but it’s not something we automatically include in our packages.

We always recommend our clients set up and monitor google analytics so that they can see where their traffic is coming from. And they should in due time be able to see a fair amount of traffic coming in from their social media campaigns.”

PS – If I were to make one more very important suggestion, it would be to make sure you have CLEAR goals and expectations in mind when it comes to SEO in general. There are A LOT of SEO companies out there vying for your business, and many will gladly take your monthly retainer with ZERO reporting back to you. Make sure you see case studies from them and you have a way to track their progress and see their actual work or results. In other words, vet the heck out of these people!

Hope this helps!

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