Weekly Marketing Tips Series – Week SEVEN

Well hello again! We take our marketing seriously over here, so seriously in fact that we have established a pool of trusted partners that share our passion for marketing small businesses! We work with these partners to be able to provide our clients and contacts with expanded services and even more information about professionally marketing their small businesses. Today we are sharing with you a guest article written by one of our partners, Cindy Freiman of Creative Soul Communications.
What’s Your Story?

Your story matters – whether it’s told in a biography about you or your business.

There are multiple ways you can use a well-written bio, including on your website, to supplement your social media accounts, during community outreach or sponsorship opportunities and whenever you’re nominated for or accepting an award, to name a few.

A biography is one of the least expensive pieces of content you can commission a professional to write, yet few people pay attention to how their bio makes them sound or whether it’s even up to date.

Your difference maker 
What about you or your business makes others want to do business with you and/or refer others your way? It’s important to identify your standout traits to help differentiate yourself and your business from the pack.

Are you a veteran in your field? Is your company offering a unique product or service? Do you provide a different type of solution geared towards a common problem? These are all good questions to consider when thinking about what your bio should include.

You may also want to consider writing your bio in first person (using ‘I’ instead of your first name) – especially for places such as your website – as it invites readers/visitors in and helps them feel like they’re getting to know a real person, which will eventually lead to building trust.

Does your current bio make people want to get to know you better and trust your business? If the answer is ‘no’, you really should consider updating your bio as soon as possible.

And a well-crafted, up-to-date bio accompanied by recent, professional head shots is definitely a winning combination.

Cindy Freiman is President and Word Wizard at Creative Soul Communications – a content creation company specializing in providing top-notch educational and thought-provoking content for businesses to share via social media, blogging, client communications, marketing and advertising. She can be reached at:www.creativesoulcommunications.cacindy@creativesoulcommunications.ca; 905-431-1546.

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