Weekly Marketing Tips Series – Week EIGHTEEN

How do I know if my businesses’ website needs maintenance?

Well… happy Wednesday everyone! (that is… if you’re reading this on Wednesdays when we typically release our mid-week marketing tips). Today’s tip is brought to you by a whole bunch of really bad, ugly, mistreated, and neglected business websites! Raise your hand if you had a website developed and then just… left it. C’mon, admit it… you spent the money on it and then decided it was fantastic and never had to be touched again or paid attention to. Kind of like that fancy new car you bought but never maintained. Oh wait… you DO maintain that car! You take it for regular oil changes, you buy it new tires, you put gas in it’s tank to make it go from point A to point B. So why is your website different?

Comparing a website to a car might be a stretch, but it’s the easiest way to illustrate that if you didn’t maintain your car, it simply wouldn’t run after a period of time. The exact same thing goes for a website. It might be fine initially, perhaps even for a year or more, but if you choose to ignore the maintenance it needs, you’re setting yourself up for a website redesign in short order!

Your website doesn’t need to take an astronomical amount of time to maintain. If you are doing the bare minimum of taking proper backups, checking for broken links, and adding new content here and there, then you can probably get away with spending an hour or less on your website each month. If you are trying to rank your website for certain keywords or build an authority by blogging and flooding the internet with fresh new content, then you could be spending upwards of 20 hours per month on your website (sometimes much more!).

The question we often get asked is ‘How do I know if my businesses’ website needs maintenance’? The answer is pretty simple… it ALWAYS needs maintenance, it’s just a matter of how much and what.

We can prepare a free report for you to see how your website is currently graded and provide you with a free audit report and checklist. Want yours? Comment below, pm us, or email bhardy@emptydesksolutions.ca


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