Happy New Year! We hope you had an amazing holiday with family and friends. We’re kicking off the new year by talking about what to expect with social media this year. Social media is constantly evolving, and here are ten social media trends to look out for in 2020. 

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is not a new concept, but it’s not going anywhere! Investing in influencers is more affordable than running paid ad campaigns and delivers good results. Markets are working with a whole network of niche influencers now, rather than just one or two large influencers. Smaller influencers tend to get much higher engagement at a lower cost instead of one large influencer or celebrity. 

Social Listening

Social media has a lot of data that businesses can use to find out more about their audience. There are several social media listening tools that can help you access these insights. Try to experiment with a few to find one that works for you!

Social Media for Customer Service

Social media has changed the game for customer service, and that won’t go away. Many people use social media to reach out to a brand with problems or concerns instead of using more traditional channels like calling or email. It’s one of the most important channels for customer service for businesses, and it’s important to recognize it as that. 

Storytelling on Social Media

Brand storytelling is the narrative that brings together your mission, emotion, and facts that your brand evokes. Instead of just sharing what you offer, sharing the story behind the brand and why it exists across all platforms is important! It will let you connect with your audience and engage with them at a deeper level. 

Shopping on Social Media

Many social media users discover products on the platforms, but they no longer have to exit out of the social media platform to purchase something you see. This is changing the social media landscape from just a discovery tool to a shopping platform as well. 

User-Generated Content Continues to be Popular 

This is a trend that is going strong and will continue to do so. From encouraging followers to tag the brand and featuring it on your page, to campaigns that encourage entries to be submitted and reposted, UGC should have a place in your content calendar. 

Adoption of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality adds digital elements to our reality and changing the way things actually look. One example is the filters on Instagram and Snapchat that change the way you look. There are more ways to use it, for example, Sephora allows customers to ‘try on’ makeup before purchasing. This trend will continue to grow as platforms add more AR functionalities. 

Local Targeting More Prevalent 

It’s easier than ever to target potential customers based on location. Brands, especially smaller brands, will continue to target their audience this way to gain more customers local to them. 

Video Content

Video content is a very engaging form of content. Whether it’s short videos on TikTok or stories or longer videos on YouTube, video content will continue to gain popularity in 2020. 


Chatbots aren’t new, but they continue to evolve. Businesses are integrating them into social media platforms and are using them to communicate with their audience. Bots recognize phases sent to them and their responses are how they’re programmed. It’s a cost-effective solution to customer service representatives and isn’t going away in 2020.

Social media has been changing the marketing landscape and will continue to do so in 2020 and beyond. We would love to hear your thoughts on some of these trends!

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Brittany Hardy ⎜ Owner

Brittany Hardy is the Owner of Empty Desk Solutions, a boutique marketing company located in Port Moody B.C.
Brittany is passionate about helping small businesses achieve their growth goals with marketing solutions that are both effective and affordable.
After many years of working in retail management, Brittany went on to become the Marketing Manager for Dominion Lending, Canada’s largest mortgage company. Brittany then decided it was time to pursue a life-long goal of creating her own business.  Inherently, Brittany likes to help people and decided there was no better way to do this than to use her creative talent to lift up others who want to do the same thing.
The mother of three young children, Brittany believes in balancing work and home life and continues to find new ways to support and employ other mothers who want to start their own businesses or stay at home with their children.
Social media marketing continues to evolve, and Brittany and her team are passionate about helping small businesses navigate how they can benefit from these networks.
Brittany has been a finalist for the Women of Worth awards, the Tri-Cities Business Excellence awards, and has most recently been featured in Small Business BC and the Huffington Post.

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