The Most Effective Channels for Reaching Your Target Customer

We asked dozens of marketers to share their most effective channel for reaching their target audience and their best tips for doing it well.

“Rather than write something and hope they see it, include your audience in the content. Success is automatic. You get value before you even publish. That’s why it’s called ‘zero-waste marketing.’”

ndy Crestodina, cofounder at Orbit Media, is a living embodiment of the effectiveness of content marketing. Orbit’s blog posts generate thousands of views. Andy himself is on just about every “top content marketer” list in existence. He’s a frequent speaker on the topic at conferences and a guest on industry-related podcasts.

The best part? Orbit Media is continually front-and-center to the people that need them most–marketers in need of web services. (Everything from web design and development to content writing to SEO and more.)

Orbit Media’s continued investment in content marketing puts them in front of their target customers every day.

And, according to our latest research, marketers overwhelmingly agree with that approach.

When asked to name the most effective channel for reaching their target customers, 79% of marketers said content marketing (by way of organic traffic) was most effective.

Where Do Your Customers Spend Time?

“A business’s ideal client will always be different from another’s, so it’s important to consider first and foremost where your customers hang out online,” says Brittany Hardy, owner of Empty Desk Solutions.

Constellix marketing manager Blair McKee suggests “brand monitoring for target keywords (your industry, services, competitors) to find forums, popular blogs, or comparison sites. These sites are likely used by your audience while they are researching products or deciding on a product.”

Once you know who your customer is and where they are, you can start targeting them with your marketing strategies.

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