These 24 content marketers take a scientific approach to measuring content success. Discover the metrics and tools they use to prove the value of their content.

What makes a piece of content successful, and how can you measure its success?

The answer to the first question is one only you (or your boss, team, business, or clients) can provide. And the answer to the second question depends entirely on your answer to the first.

Measuring content success isn’t a straightforward process. To evaluate your content, you have to define goals, set KPIs for those goals, and then measure and track your KPIs.

And it may not be enough to just set goals and KPIs for your entire content marketing program. In fact, many of the respondents to our most recent survey set goals and track KPIs for each piece of content they create, and 37% say they monitor the success of their content every week with another 26% saying they monitor content success every day.

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