With summer arriving super early this year (is it bad to say, thank you global warming?) there are probably so many fun activities that you are dreaming of doing and that can make it hard to stay focused on your small business – I know its been especially difficult for me, I love hiking and relaxing on the beach (which has a whole new meaning now that I have a baby) so it’s been a little hard to not just up and leave for the day and forget about all the work I have to do…

Speaking of staying focused during nice hot days – It’s so beautiful today, so I am finding it difficult to stay focused long enough to write this, but hopefully I can list some tips and ideas to help all of us poor people stuck inside working on this nice day!

GIVE YOURSELF BREAKS – get outside for 10 – 15 minutes and soak up some of the vitamin D that your body is, oh, so badly craving! Anyone will go crazy staring at a computer screen all day when the beautiful weather is out there taunting you and it’s clinically proven that vitamin D actually increases mood and increases brain function.

BRING SUMMER INSIDE – make yourself iced coffee or iced tea instead of having hot drinks, buy some pretty plants and don’t be afraid to open up the curtains and let the sun shine!

REWARD YOURSELF – the summer days last longer, so if you start work a little earlier (or even at the same time) you can still have a few hours of sunlight at the end of the day to go out and do something fun. Working while summer is happening all around you, won’t seem so daunting if you know you still get to go out and enjoy it still.

FORGET ABOUT THE HOUSEWORK – Seriously! Save the few hours of sunlight left after work to reward yourself and do errands and light housework on rainy days or at night. Your life will feel much less overwhelming if you just accept that the housework can be done after you enjoy some family or you time.

PLAN AROUND THE WEATHER – (yea, I realize this one probably isn’t the best one for those of us located in BC but I already typed it so I’m going to leave it anyways!) if you know it’s going to be rain one day, and sunny the next than try to get more done on the rainy day to give yourself extra time in the sun on the nice day.

TAKE YOUR WORK OUTSIDE – if you have a beautiful deck and your WI-FI will cooperate, take your laptop outside and work on that sun-kissed look while being totally productive (don’t get a funky laptop tan though)

I highly recommend the taking your work outside one! I’m writing this one while sitting on my deck, the suns shining on my legs and I can hear the birds chirping – although, don’t forget to take an allergy pill if you have allergies because I am currently sneezing like crazy because I forgot to pick up more allergy pills and it’s not the easy to type while you’re sneezing every two seconds!

Do you have any other ideas on staying productive during the summer months? Let us know on in the comments or on our Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/emptydesksolutions/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel )