Social Media Tools For Small BusinessSocial media is one of the best ways to market your business. It can enable your business to stand out in its industry and reach a wider audience. Having an active presence on all major social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram, is essential for any brand trying to establish itself and engage with its potential and current customers in meaningful ways. Getting started or maintaining your business’s social media can be extremely overwhelming if you don’t have the right tools to help you stay afloat. From content creation, to scheduling, or analyzing your online engagement, having the right social media tools is critical.

To help you out, Empty Desk Solutions has chosen 3 of the most essential social media management tools currently available for small businesses,


1. Canva

Content creation made easy.

Canva supplies a variety of templated graphics for every social media platform. Easy to use and professional quality, Canva allows you to customize  templates with your branding aesthetics and post across all social media platforms. Use your custom design for anything, like advertisement, a contest announcement, or spreading awareness about an upcoming sale. Canva will help you to keep your social media posts modern and high quality.

2. A Content Calendar

Maintain organized Content distribution   

Creating a content calendar can be done on Google Docs or Microsoft Word, it doesn’t require any expensive software. By planning your content a month at a time, you can plan for holidays, scheduled product releases, newsletter blasts, while keeping your posts organized and on-brand. You can also create a weekly theme, so you no longer have to stress over ideas on what to post on any odd day of the week. Having a content calendar is a key aspect of developing a cohesive social media marketing strategy.

3. Social Report

Scheduling and statistical insight simplified

Social Report provides advanced tools for social media posting, scheduling and real-time communication across networks and devices. It enables users to easily schedule and post on as many social networks as they like. The Social Report scheduler brings together advanced social media publishing tools so you can efficiently plan, schedule and post across networks from using social report as your single platform.

“With Social Report you can track the performance of everything from your Facebook pages and Twitter profiles, to business reviews, website site performance and blogs. You can quickly and easily organize your data by customers or business. Track your own social profiles as well as profiles of others (great for competitor analysis).”

Social Report also makes social media analytics data easily digestible and ready to present. Using Social Report’s data you can customize reports specifically to your business needs, then automate the delivery of those reports to your team and customers. Using social report for your scheduling and analytical needs can help streamline your process while provide unparalleled insight into the statistics of every social media platform being utilized by your business.


Need a solution to your social media content creation and scheduling woes, but you don’t want to break the bank?

Empty Desk Solutions is now offering an entire year of social media content written, designed, and PUBLISHED for your business or non-profit!

We’ve managed over 150 clients’ social media channels, and one thing keeps coming up… Everyone wants social media content consistently! But you know what else keeps coming up? All the things! Here are just some of the reasons we created this brand new offer for you: ☞ Time: Creating content takes time, and you don’t have any more time than the rest of us ☞  Value: You know that top-of-mind branding is key in today’s social media crazed world, but you know you don’t need to spend insane amounts of money to achieve it. ☞ Cost: You know that content services can cost thousands of dollars per month but you just can’t justify that cost. ☞ Effort: You know that you would love to ‘set it and forget it’ with your social media content (ie… you don’t want to log in every day to post something and spend countless hours surfing for ideas) ☞ Professional: You know you should leave it to a professional, but sometimes large agency rates are just not affordable for smaller marketing budgets ☞ Tools: You know you need the right tools to make it happen, but they are expensive! (hint… we pay over $1000/month in tools ALONE to do what we do. Save that cost!) ☞ Peace of mind: Approve all of your content in one big batch and then our team will schedule it out over the course of the next 365 days!

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Brittany Hardy Owner Brittany Hardy is the Owner of Empty Desk Solutions, a boutique marketing company located in Port Moody B.C. Brittany is passionate about helping small businesses achieve their growth goals with marketing solutions that are both effective and affordable. After many years of working in retail management and then as the Marketing Manager for Canada’s largest mortgage company, Brittany decided it was time to pursue a life-long goal of creating her own business. Naturally she likes to help others and decided there was no better way to do this than to use her creative talent to help others who want to do the same thing. With three young children, Brittany believes in balancing work and home life and continues to find new ways to support and employ other mothers who want to start their own businesses or stay at home with their children. Social media marketing continues to evolve for small businesses and Brittany and her team are passionate about helping these businesses navigate how they can benefit from these networks. Brittany has been a finalist for the Women of Worth awards, the Tri-Cities Business Excellence awards, and has most recently been featured in Small Business BC and in the Huffington Post. Social Media Links: Facebook LinkedIn TwitterGoogle Find us on Instagram: @brittanyebh ⎜ @emptydesksolutions