Social Media Dos and Donts

If you’re trying to sell a service or a product, you don’t want to miss out on the ever-expanding audience available to you on social media.Our list of social media dos and donts is here for you to take advantage of so that you don’t make the mistakes that others have already learned from 🙂

Transitioning from traditional marketing to successfully using social media for your business can be a difficult course to navigate. With years of experience, we have put together this list of do’s and don’t’s for selling your service on social media.

social media dos and donts5 Things to DO in Social Media Marketing


  1. DO Interact With Your Followers.

    1. One of the most difficult elements of social media to master, this ranks high on our list, and for good reason. The biggest strength of marketing on social media is the ability for you, as a business person, to showcase your personality and appeal to your customers on a personal level. Make sure you use this opportunity to show the people behind the brand and try to build real relationships with your customers. This is what social media was created for and this is the way you will create a loyal foundation of followers.
  2. DO Set and Measure Your Goals.

    1. Just because social media is a different form of marketing doesn’t mean that traditional measurements and goal-setting tactics don’t apply. Try to have a concrete strategy and target in mind, and then take advantage of the numerous tools at your disposal to measure your progress towards these goals. Social media is not the Wild West that it may appear to be, there are very tangible, numbers-driven ways to track your success.
  3. DO Create a Consistent Brand.

    1. Social media is a vast network. As such, consumers are able to not only find your company but those associated with your company. Keep this in mind. You want to make sure that your entire social media presence reflects the image you are going for. The image should be reflected top all the way down to your front-line employees, and the other accounts you follow and interact with. This not only helps keep your brand respectable, but consolidates your voice into a single message which doesn’t confuse your customers.
  4. DO Post Frequently.

    1. Another element that can be tricky to nail down is when and how often to post. You’ll find that there’s not always a one-size-fits-all answer to this question, but there are some guidelines. You want to be posting regularly, usually once or twice a day for Facebook or Instagram, or throughout the day on Twitter. It’s also important to look at the research regarding when to post. Adjust your posting schedule as you discover what times are reaching your customers best.
  5. DO Ensure Quality.

    1. Finally, across all social media platforms, make sure that your followers can expect a certain level of quality from your posts. This too covers everything from grammar and spelling to the validity of the information you share. Make sure that you’re verifying any articles you share and that anything you create yourself is done with care and attention to detail. As in all elements of your business, you want your followers to be able to rely upon you as an expert in your field.


5 DON’T’s in Social Media Marketing


  1. DON’T Ignore Your Followers.

    1. On platforms like Facebook or Twitter, your followers can comment or message you; make sure you respond to these in a timely and reliable fashion. Particularly if you are a smaller company, people will expect a human voice on the other end to take the time to talk with them and provide answers for any questions they may have. Provide this, and be consistent.
  2. DON’T Forget to Secure Your Profiles.

    1. Just as social media can be a powerful tool, a company can just as quickly be destroyed by a single unfortunate tweet or Facebook share. Moreover, make sure you know who has access to your pages and keep them as secure as possible. Don’t let just anyone have access to these accounts. Make certain that random malicious hackers aren’t tempted to mess with your public image either!
  3. DON’T be a Spammer.

    1. Nobody likes spam. It isn’t effective, it annoys people, and it simply isn’t good business. Furthermore, it can also apply to the information you’re sharing. Put actual thought into what you’re putting out there, rather than just posting the same content over and over. Likewise, you should interact with your followers, but do not harass them. Engage and stay involved. Take the time to think about how you use social media and how you’d like to be approached if the shoe were on the other foot.
  4. DON’T Delete or Ignore Negative Comments.

    1. How you react to unpleasant feedback makes a lasting impression on your followers. Remember, people are watching! If you can use negative comments to demonstrate your openness to customer feedback, you can turn an upset customer into a marketing opportunity. Try to resolve the issue if you can, and impress upon them that, above all, you appreciate them and are willing to do what you can to make the situation right, if possible.
  5. DON’T Automate.

    1. Even if you’re posting similar content across multiple social media platforms, take the time to individualize each post to match the tone and setting of the medium. People will notice if everything you post is a carbon copy. There’s no reason you can’t share essentially the same information in order to save time. Going the extra mile and changing your posts just a little bit can go a long way.

That’s it! Do you have any ‘social media dos donts’ that you would add to the list for your profiles? We would love to hear from you!