If you’ve landed on this post, then you’ve likely been searching for a quick step-by-step on how to share an important piece of information from a Facebook page to your own Facebook profile or business page.

Here are the instructions – and if you need help at any time, please contact us so we can assist, we’re happy to!

Sharing from a business page to your PERSONAL FACEBOOK PROFILE

First step is to locate the post you want to share after logging in to Facebook. After you’ve found the post, locate the ‘share’ button below the article or piece of media. (see screenshot)

Once you’ve hit ‘share’ you have two options. The first ‘share’ text will open a pop up box where you can decide where you want to share the post to (screenshot below)


Once you select ‘on my timeline’ you have the option of personalizing your post which will include the share below. This is where you want to talk about what or why you’re sharing the post and add any approriate tags (see screenshot below). Once you’re done with your message, you can hit ‘post’ and it will be shared to your timeline (personal profile).

Sharing a post or article to your BUSINESS PAGE

If you would like to share an article or post to your business page, you will follow the same steps as above until you get to the part where you chose the destination. You will select ‘On a page I manage’. (see screenshot)

You will then have the same option to personalize the message you would like to display on your business page before the link to the post you are sharing. (see screenshot).

*Note: you have a few other options of where to share your post other than your business page and your personal profile. You can share it in a personal message, to an event page and also to a Facebook ‘group’ that you’re a part of.

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