Website plugins are exceptional tools for adding new functions and features to your website. Having the right plugins is essential to running a tight-knit, successful website. Depending on what host/builder your website uses, the types of plugins available for your website to use can vary. Because of this, we have selected our top 3 recommended plugins that are supported by WordPress, Wix and Squarespace, as a good rule of thumb to have, no matter which company you use for your website. Whether you’re using WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace, check out these recommendations to discover what plugins will help make your site easy to analyze, make your business easy to locate, and will help you build up your email subscription lists.   


Top 3 Recommended Website Plugins for WordPress, Wix & Squarespace



1. Google Analytics

Google analytics is a statistical tool designed to help you understand your website traffic. By understanding how your audience navigates or interacts with your website, you can further cater to their needs and therefore organically improve your user traffic. Google Analytics also allows you to see what the demographic makeup of your visitors are, so you can continue to fine tune your content to match the audience your website is speaking to and measure your results. These insights provide an invaluable way to learn what content is or is not resonating well with them, so you can then make the changes you need to, to keep them on your site. The best news is it’s free!  Recommended Website Plugins On WordPress specifically, the plugin allows you to monitor various real time stats regarding your website. Using the universal tracking feature allows you to track user views from multiple platforms and devices. It also allows you to receive various demographic and interest reports. Additionally, Google Analytics for WordPress is commerce-ready, so you can track product popularity, conversion rates, and order values with no difficulty at all. The plugin for WordPress has also been integrated with Google Adsense, so you can track your ad performance. Other additional features including tracking download numbers, outbound link tracking, events and performance tracking, user discovery reports, and more.    


2. Google Maps

Google Maps is a plugin that allows you to integrate a website map, that can also feature multiple store location view, and map view layering. Integrating the Google Map plugin offers you the chance to customize your own map for displaying and providing the location, information and directions to your store or business. The plugin allows you to add more than one location if you have more than one store or office. You can also customize the map by choosing from unlimited color schemes, layer the map with landmarks, (like parks or government buildings), report traffic, and transit routes, and adjust the size, height, and width of the map. Best news, it’s free! 


3. Mailchimp

Looking to gain more email subscriptions through your website? MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing services. Mailchimp manages subscribers, sends emails and tracks results for you. Integrating MailChimp into your website can be easily done with the plugin. The price of the MailChimp plugin can be free, but depends on which plan you have. Installing the Mailchimp plugin to your website will allow you to add subscription forms in your blog and on your website’s pages. Recommended Website Plugins The MailChimp plugin enables you to create opt-in forms that allow you to add more subscribers to your email list. Typically the Mailchimp plugin will support all the major form plugins and will work with any form on your website, such as a contact form, comment or checkout form. Use the MailChimp plugin on your website to ramp up your email marketing campaigns today!


Bottom Line

  Hopefully our recommendations have inspired you to check out these plugins and investigate what other plugins are out there for ramping up your website’s game. Uninterested in figuring out how to install plugins, or all the plugins out there you should have installed?  Check out our services page, or contact us today – We’re here to help!   




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