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    Stop Chasing Success & Start Building Your Own Dreams – Brittany on The Mompreneur

    Her purple hair might be the first thing you notice, but Brittany’s charm and hard-work ethic is what has made her a stand-out success. Find out how she’s managed to build a boutique agency from the ground up, all while managing to raise three kids.

    Q: How did you get started running your own boutique agency?

    Back in 2014, my husband was offered an opportunity to return to a job at the Port Moody Fire Department, a career he was passionate about returning to. The plus side was that he would have a much more flexible work schedule for the family and he was returning to a job he loved, but the downside was that it came with a large pay cut.

    At this point I had two children aged 5 and 8 (They are now 9, 12, and our son is 2.5!). I had wanted to start my own business for a while, so I decided to try it on the side to see if I could earn us a bit of extra money to make up the difference. I started Empty Desk Solutions in April, and by August I was earning enough money to quit my full-time job and give it a go.

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    February 20, 2019

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