Social Media Marketing Best Practices From 26 Experts Who Have Been There and Done That. Brittany on Tip and Trucs

Social Media Marketing Best Practices From 26 Experts Who Have Been There and Done That.


Als u ooit op zoek bent naar meer informatie over beheer van sociale media, of beter nog, op zoek naar iemand om u te helpen met uw sociale media, kijk dan niet verder dan de experts hieronder.

Omdat ik een actieve maker van inhoud ben, zijn veel van mijn interviewvragen gebaseerd op het maken en ontdekken van inhoud. Ik help ook mee aan het opbouwen van sharetiviteit , en dankzij deze kennis kan ik een beter product voor het ontdekken van inhoud ontwikkelen voor managers van sociale media.


Sean Webster , Creative Marketing Specialist bij Inbound Marketing Agents

Q: What’s the hardest part about discovering content? What tools do you use?

Finding content that resonates with your target audience. Honestly, I just do a ton of research on Google. I answer questions like this:

  • Who are the authority figures, thoughts leaders, or in brands in your market?
  • What books, magazines, newspapers does your ideal customer read?
  • Google: TOP __________→ (blogs, books, magazine, thought leaders, brands, website, etc)
  • What events do they attend? Google: TOP _________ events?
  • What websites do they frequent? Where do they live? What tools do they use? What’s SPECIFICALLY UNIQUE about this group?

By answering questions like the above questions, I can get a better idea of what my target audience is looking for and what they would engage with.


Q: If you could snap a finger and fix something about social media in general, what would you fix?

I wish we could go back to social media actually being social. Social media is an excellent marketing tool, however we have lost the social aspect of it. Nowadays it is so many influencers working with brands trying to sell me something instead of sharing something with me.

The personal aspect and engagement of social media are gone. I would love to snap my fingers and have people stop talking AT me and instead have the motivation to start conversing WITH me.


Q: What is the most misunderstood aspect of your job?

The most misunderstood aspect of a social media agency that my business faces is dealing with the misconception that anyone can do your social media for you whether they have marketing experience or not. Yes, we post on your Facebook page, but we’re a strategic marketing agency.

We understand consumer psychology and what kinds of posts will get people to go to your website or recommend your business to their friends. We know how to attract new business with custom advertising on Facebook. When you have a professional, you’ll reach your goals a lot faster, giving you a faster return on investment, than hiring a paper boy to do your marketing for you.



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November 22, 2018

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