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How Small Business & Agency Owners Can Find New Customers via Social Media

According to an Ambassador study, 71% consumers who have a great brand experience on social media tend to recommend the brand to friends and relatives. Social media is ripe with opportunity to grow your business. If you’re a small business or agency owner, you can find new customers via social media and save a lot of money otherwise spent on advertising or sales. How?

We asked small business and agency owners and digital marketers how they found new customers via social media, and here’s what they had to say. Real value in organic content, a reliable social media management tool and smartly targeted social media ads can bring you new customers. But before we delve into the strategies they shared, here is the question that was posed to them.

What are the two best ways to find new customers via social media?

“We are actually a social media marketing company, so we have quite the range of experience with this one.

Our top TWO strategies are as follows:

ENGAGE with your audience. As you continuously build your audience on your various social media platforms, take the time to share meaningful and valuable content. Share things that show a behind the scenes look or more personal items here and there so that your customers and potential customers can develop more of a relationship with you or your brand. Reply to comments and messages and always ‘be human!’.

Use a tool to optimize your ads. There’s no sense in spending a bazillion dollars on ads that aren’t effective. Find a tool that will help you analyze the conversion and improvements you can made on your ads. And don’t forget to initiate a follow-up sequence so you can nurture your leads. People are rarely ‘ready to buy’ right then and there. Success is in the follow-up!”


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November 23, 2018

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