25 Creative Marketing Ideas for Any Business in 2018 – Brittany on FitSmallBusiness

25 Creative Marketing Ideas for Any Business in 2018 – Brittany on FitSmallBusiness

25 Creative Marketing Ideas for Any Business in 2018

The CMO Survey reports an 11 percent increase in the marketing budgets for United States businesses in 2017. As more businesses recognize the value of a solid marketing strategy to their bottom line, the marketing landscape has turned into a complex network of ideas and approaches that can sometimes overwhelm.

To make sure that you’re able to maximize your marketing budget, we asked experts to share their experience in turning your usual marketing strategies into creative ideas that convert.

Here are 25 of the top creative marketing ideas that can be used for any business as shared by the pros.

1. Start a Holiday-themed Giveaway on Facebook

Tori Shanks, Director of Content and SEO Marketing, Nu expression

During the 2018 holidays, we worked with an e-commerce client who sells cookies, cakes and other goodies. We decided to run a contest to increase the engagement with the brand and sales. However, their brand was Southern, warm and family-oriented. So, rather than posting a contest through social media where they are sent to a page to fill out a form, we implemented chatbots on Facebook. We set up Facebook ads and posted each day to promote the contest. Each day we associated a word or term with the chatbot so that when a new user saw the contest post, they could enter by simply commenting with this trigger word or phrase.

Once they commented, they were then sent a message through Facebook messenger. They were asked a couple questions about their favorite treats, provided their email address and Boom! — they were entered to win 12 days of prizes! All orchestrated by automated chatbots! This allowed our client to continue to communicate with people who entered after the contest ended and also made the experience more enjoyable and personable for the end-user.

9. Focus on Long-term Campaigns Like Email Newsletter Subscriptions

Brittany Hardy, Owner, Empty Desk Solutions

To illustrate the evolution of a marketing ‘idea’ that we turned into a more creative campaign, we can share our ‘weekly marketing tips’ series. We knew our audience already and what type of information they wanted — step one! The basic idea was (and still is) to provide small marketing tips to our small business audience via social media and our blog. But, then, we got to thinking, ‘How can we capture the attention of our audience for a longer period of time?’ and ‘Could we deliver this in a more convenient way for our target audience?’ After much brainstorming among our team, we decided that we would embark on a little journey to use this idea to build an email list that we can nurture over time.

We put it out there to subscribe to get our ‘Free weekly marketing tips series’ and, once someone signs up, they automatically start receiving one email per week with a marketing tip. Some are shorter tidbits of information and others are longer, in-depth articles we’ve written. But, the bottom line for us is that once we took our ‘idea’ to a campaign process, we started building more meaningful online connections. These connections are now in our sales funnel and have exponentially more value than a ‘like’ on a Facebook post.

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