Pinterest Marketing – 5 Simple Guidelines

For the uninitiated, Pinterest can be a confusing concept. An online pinboard? For what purpose? What am I even supposed to pin to this pinboard? Whether you’re a seasoned Pinterest user or a social media novice, Pinterest Marketing represents a powerful tool your business can harness.

What is Pinterest?

Simply put, Pinterest is an online space used primarily for collecting visual pieces of multimedia, mostly images. What sets this apart from Facebook or Instagram is the incredible longevity of Pinterest posts. Pinterest pins are 100x more spreadable than a tweet and the average half-life of a Pinterest pin is 16,000x longer than a Facebook post. Twitter and Facebook are both platforms where users are expecting a high rate of turnover. They want tons of new information, new posts, and new content delivered to them every time they log on. On Pinterest, users pin things they intend to share again and again or re-visit later. Clearly, this has important marketing applications.

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