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Perhaps the craziest thing I’ll ever launch and I don’t typically use our email list for package promotion without sharing a new resource…  but…


Life is crazy, and… so is 2020. I am seeing so many people trying to figure out their marketing and how to become visible while bringing it all together. They are trying ‘all the things’ but they are still stuck and are getting advice that contradicts what the ‘last expert’ told them. I have been sitting on this idea for a while and just didn’t know how to bring it to life… until now!

We (the EDS team) have been hinting for a while that our packages are changing and yes… 2021 will have a new offering for our content packages for people that want the ‘hands off’ social media marketing experience for their business.


I always get asked “What would it take to just ‘borrow you’ for a day?” and “What would it cost to just sit with you for a whole day and have you help me set up all of my marketing systems?”

Why I didn’t jump on this sooner I don’t know – but the universe works in mysterious ways and I’m going for it today so I can help create a lasting impact on your business. If you’re totally tired of testing out ‘all the systems’ to figure out what may or may not work for your business then this might be for you. If you’re forever trying to set up and streamline but forget to document the process so you can delegate it after then this might be for you. If you’re sick of playing the ‘let’s just see what THIS marketing tool might do’ game then this might be for you. And finally if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the shiny marketing objects and you just want a clear path and actionable plans then this is DEFINITELY for you.

The structure will be TWO half days with me on zoom for a total of 8 full hours of audits, set ups, advice, and plans. Day 1 will be all about digging in to what you’re currently doing and auditing all of your current systems (website, social media, blogging, email marketing, branding). Then the EDS team takes all the info away and creates the plans which we start to immediately put in to action on Day 2.

This is not for you if you are a brand new start-up unless you’re super committed. This is also not for you if you have a large business with an in-house marketing team.

The investment is $4999 and it’s a one-time payment. I am only taking ONE ‘Marketing with B’ intensive client per month because I want you to get ALL of my ENERGY and FOCUS. If you want to apply or know someone who does, please feel free to direct message me (reply to this email or drop me a line on social media) so we can chat and make sure this is right for you.

If you read this entire thing – congrats, you win the day! haha



PS – I am so excited typing this that I apologize in advance if there’s a typo or two, I want to get it out to the world so badly that I’m not even proofreading this bad boy before I push ‘send’ 😉