Good morning and happy Monday!

(Just kidding – we know it’s now Tuesday… that’s what we get for not having the video uploaded in time) 😉 

We hope you all had an amazing weekend (and Monday)!

We mentioned in our last email that we were switching things up to being you quicker ‘tips’ and videos each week instead of lengthy resources. We will continue to develop these for those who request them, but thought since this list has now grown substantially it was best to give smaller actionable pieces of marketing advice/demos to keep everyone interested and engaged.

We get asked A LOT about the tools we use, and we want to record little demos for each of them in the coming months. One of the number one questions we get asked is ‘How do I save the most amount of time when ‘doing’ my social media marketing’. Loaded question that one… but if you ask yourself what sucks the most time away, I bet you’ll say scheduling content. You log in and out of each platform, over and over again, and likely get stuck in the overwhelm and distractions of ‘oh, I wonder what Suzie was up to today with her kids? Did they all wear a mask to school? Oh… look at that ad for a sunny beach vacation… doesn’t Facebook know I can’t travel right now?!’

No? Just me? 

If you’re not like this, then you might not need this tool. But if you ARE looking for a way to save some precious time, check out the video below where I show you the tool we use — Sendible.


PS – below the video there’s a free trial link to Sendible if you want to test it out for your own business.

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Excuse the awkward silence in a couple spots where my laptop couldn’t keep up with ‘all the things’ happening while I recorded the video. Done was better than perfect or this one.. that’s for sure. And…spoiler alert, the content you see being posted in the video did eventually make it’s way to my social channels, apparently with a slight few minute delay this morning 😉 

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PS –

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