Good afternoon and happy Monday!I hope you’re having an amazing start to your week. It’s cold today, but sunny and beautiful so my spirits are high (even though I’m still locked out of Facebook which feels almost paralyzing to my business). 
Last week I let you know about my new offer, the ‘Marketing Intensive with B’ (yes I know… it still needs a better name). I am actually taking a program myself all about creating the ‘perfect package’, and that’s how this idea was born. Instead of focusing on what I’ve always done for my clients, I really did some digging in to how I could create a bigger impact. I started asking myself questions like I was instructed to do in the program about my ideal client and what they want (vs what they need which is usually something totally different). 
I felt totally stuck at one point thinking “what do I actually WANT to do?”. I felt like this should have been an easy question. I knew I wanted to create a bigger impact and help people achieve said impact in their business in less time. I mean… who doesn’t want to take the shortcut if it won’t screw you in the end!?

One of the assignments was to journal about what people always ask of you or tell you you are good at if you feel like your purpose is still cloudy. Oh… it was still cloudy alright!
Countless pages later and I felt a little glimmer of clarity come through.

I could help people set up their marketing basics and tackle the items on their marketing wish list without all the fluff. I can’t stand seeing people get ripped off my marketing consultants telling them they need the next ‘big thing’ when they have’t got the solid foundation in place (yes I’m talking to those of you who don’t have a communication strategy) 😉

This new package I’ve developed is for people who are cloudy themselves with their marketing and don’t know where to start. It’s for the people who have a little bit of this and a little bit of that going but still feel like they have no idea what they ‘should’ be doing and when.
The package is split in to 2 half day sessions on zoom. Day 1 we audit everything! Together, we look at your website, your social media, your current marketing plan (if you have one), your branding etc! Then I go back and work on a solid plan with my team custom tailored to you. This also includes the wish list items you identify on our first day. Then we come back the following week for day 2 which is all action!

I get to walk you through your plan, show you how things work and the things you can do yourself vs what you might need to call in a pro for. Any items we can actually tackle together we do that too. Want us to help you set up the basics on your website? DONE! Prefer to work on a social strategy? A-Ok!

Total investment: $4999 
If you’re anything like me and you’ve tried ‘all the things’, you might know that the cost of doing that for years on end is in the tens of thousands of dollars – eek! You can avoid that headache and the cost that comes with it 🙂 I know this incredible cost, because… I’ve learned it the hard way for you hah!

If you secure your spot ($500 deposit) before Nov 15th, you will get my one-time exclusive bonus – my content marketing spreadsheet completely filled in for you for the entire 2021 year (value $995). Yes you read that right… the entire year of ideas ready for you so that all you need to do is follow the system to write your social media content. Woot woot!

Because of the time investment to make this work for you, this is limited to FIVE clients, the first five that secure their spot. 

If you need some help in the marketing department, I am here for you.

Focus on the quality of your content over the quantity of your posts. Consider what value you are bringing to your followers.
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Last chance…
Doors open for our current packages until Dec 1 2020. New packages coming Jan 2021!

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PS – We will leave these banners at the bottom of our emails as we often get asked what tools we use to build our content graphics and video. Keep your eyes peeled for our content planning course coming in 2021 for all your DIYers out there 🙂