Hello everyone! Today we want to talk about lead gen, this is something we get asked all the time! People get a little confused about what marketing activities are versus sales activities and where lead gen fits in. We did a video and a post on the differences between marketing and sales the other day and we thought we’d create something for you for that middle lead gen piece. 

First off, what is lead gen?

The dictionary definition of lead gen is, “the action or process of identifying and cultivation potential customers for a business’s products or services,” we call it, “that middle part.” It’s what happens between marketing and sales. 

What is a lead?

So, what is a lead? It’s someone who has expressed interest. Think of it as an opt-in. From ‘visitor’ to ‘customer,’ they’re in the middle stage. THey’ve become a visitor on your website but aren’t quite a customer because they haven’t paid you for anything yet. They’re still in the middle stage, a lead. 

But I only want qualified leads? 

Don’t we all! It’s your job to nurture them. and develop a process to qualify your leads. They are humans, not leads, nurture them and build these connections to turn your leads into customers! Leads don’t go from social media to qualified leads, you need a middle piece.

This process from Hubspot blog shows the process very well: Attract, convert, close, delight. 

Attract: This is your marketing activities and what you do before someone turns into a lead. This is blogging, SEO, social media content, keywords, etc. 

Convert: To be considered a lead, they have to do some type of action on your website, like fill out a form, follow a call to action, or do some type of activity leading to a landing page. This is where your email marketing makes a huge role.

Close: In this phase, you can be using a CRM tool, email, I don’t know your process, but you have to do something to make them a customer. 

Delight: You’re engaging them ongoing on social media, surveys, or other content that interests them. You’re turning your existing customers into promoters who will refer you to others!

What is your offer?

You need something to offer before the sale, and I illustrate this quite often by using our mortgage broker clients as an example. They want to take cold traffic, someone in the attract phase, and send them to the website and have them apply. Are you going to see something on social and then just apply? That’s not reality. There has to be an offer in the middle stage to keep them engaged until they’re ready to make one of the biggest purchases of their life! I think the statistic is someone needs to see you eleven times until someone trusts you enough to give you their sale, maybe longer with a mortgage. Maybe your offer is a free download for 10 steps to buying your first home if you’re a mortgage broker. You need to consider something to offer because if you have no time to nurture the leads, it just doesn’t work. 

Hubspot says- To sum it up: visitor clicks a CTA that takes them to the landing page where they fill out a form to get an offer, at which point they become a lead. 

What would happen if social media didn’t exist tomorrow? 

See where we’re going here? This is why we’re saying build your email list! Sometimes people spend so much time and money building an online community, but what if Facebook suddenly shuts down your page and you have thousands of followers? How will you communicate with them? You have to consider building your list or leads somewhere that you own; you don’t own anything on social media


Nurturing takes time. What is your strategy? The key is in the follow up; if you aren’t following up with leads, they won’t do you any good.

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