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In late 2018, I joined a mastermind group with none other than THE Rachel Pedersen, Queen of Social Media. It’s a tight-knit group of like-minded entrepreneurs coming together to learn and empower each other to grow and do better things in our businesses each and every day.

I wanted to be able to feature other members of the group to share with the world what amazing talent is within this powerful group of marketers.

Here’s our very first post in our new interview series! Kimaaya is one of our trusted partners and she is a wealth of knowledge for all things social media marketing related. Here is her interview 😉

Hi! Can you introduce yourself and tell our readers how you’re connected to us?

Hi, I’m Kimaaya.  Brittany and I are are part of a mastermind. I immediately became friends with Brittany because of her warm, inviting and generous personality.  She truly cares and it shows up not just in words but in her actions.

Thank you so much! We always just want to share things that we have learned along the way and if it helps others, well then… bonus!  What is your biggest business goal for this year?

I would have to say that my biggest goal this year for my business is to get visible and make my client’s businesses grow in leaps and bounds… helping them to reach all of their business goals through the power of digital marketing.

Pretty awesome goal indeed! Getting visible is key for any business owner – and our job in marketing is to make that a little bit easier for our clients. As we mentioned to our readers in the beginning of the interview, we met in ‘The Social Clique’ mastermind group… What other types of programs do you participate in to further your growth in your industry? How do you find these valuable? 

I’m a course junkie! I loooooove learning.  I’m always taking courses for digital marketing as it’s important to stay on top of all of the fast changes in the online world. My priority is to get my clients the best possible results, and the only way that can happen is by me reading, listening, and enrolling in courses that will make the most impact in my growth and the growth of my clients’ businesses.

Totally! We have been known to get sucked down the rabbit hole of course after course to learn more. Sometimes we have to pull ourselves back to get work done too! haha!

What would you say has been the hardest part of starting your business?

Time management and focus!  Focus in managing my time and planning to ensure each day I do something to move the needle in my business.  Often I felt I was spinning my wheels and going no where. Looking at all the shiny options such as I need this software and I need that course so I con do this.  Not knowing what were the IMPORTANT things to focus on was the hardest thing for me.

Ok we definitely feel your pain on that one. Our entire team works remotely so focus is always tricky, especially when you work at home with distractions all around!

Has there been any one thing that stood out as something that helped you build your business?

Making friends with other entrepreneurs.  The online space can be very lonely but I learned to make friends with people I only meet on the web. That was a new thing for me as I always thought it to be strange; However, I’ve made really good friends with people from being introduced online.  Having friends to bounce ideas of off who get you and understand your struggles because they’ve been there and overcame it/ This has been the best thing to help me build my business.

So awesome to hear that. We are lonely sometimes working at home too! Hence these interviews! Just kidding – we are interviewing people to showcase their talents… but maybe also selfishly so we can make new friends 😉

Tell us about your dream client!

Gosh. My dream client is someone who has a big heart, who is kind, making 6 and 7 figures and who are successful, yet they feel like there’s more to life than just making money.  They want to leave a legacy — either by creating products that are ecofriendly, or just by using their business for the good of society.

Why are you passionate about those types of clients? How do you want to help them? Why do you want to help them?

As a child, I was an American growing up up in a developing country.  Not only was there extreme poverty, but it is known as one of the dirtiest and most polluted countries in the world.  There was a huge difference between those who had money vs. those who didn’t. Seeing young children begging in the streets or at the beach left me wanting to help.  So I’ve always had a servants heart and enjoy helping others. Working for a company who’s values aligns with mine is such an amazing and rewarding feeling. I know the marketing I provide for them will have an impact leaving the world all the more better so that’s why I want to help them.

That is so heartwarming to hear. I love to hear other marketers who want to actually help and make a difference. There’s far too many marketers out there who just want to make a quick buck and it doesn’t do much good for our society at large that’s for sure.

Can you tell us about what your dream business looks like?

An extremely profitable business that’s not just making money, but that is making a difference in the lives of young girls in developing countries.  A business that allows me to work from anywhere in the world and to set my hours. A business that gives me the freedom to live life my way is how I want my dream business to look.

YASSSSS! What’s your single biggest driver for wanting your own business?

It’s to be able to have a greater impact in helping others.  Truly that was my main reason for starting in the digital marketing world.  It was so I could make money to start a social enterprise or NGO in Ghana West Africa.

Bog goals! We can’t wait to watch it unfold 🙂 We know you are currently starting your business while you are working… how do you balance working and building a business if you also work a 9-5?

It’s soo hard!  You have to be disciplined and make sacrifices because your time is limited.  I spend my evenings and weekends working but I love what I do and enjoy it.

What problem would you love to be able to solve for others in your position – relate it to where you are in your business right now?

As Facebook Marketer, I look forward to helping attract qualified leads for my clients. I want to put leads into their shopping cart so they can increase their revenue and build rapport with the fans so they become repeat customers.

That’s a problem a lot of business owners have… turning traffic in to real leads! I hope there are some readers here who reach out to you for Facebook advertising advice!

Aside from this crazy business of social media marketing that we are both in, do you have any hobbies that you love?

Traveling abroad. I love learning about different cultures and meeting people from all over the world.  I also enjoy Pottery. I find it so therapeutic and my newest hobbies will be photography and making soap and hand lotion with shea butter!

You better send us some when you make it – love hand-made products! And bonus… you’ll know how to market them hah!

What advice would you like to give to our readers? This can be related to your business service, product, or managing a business… or life in general!

Be Focused. Make Goals.  Create Goals Quarterly. Have your big picture and break it down into small actionable pieces so each and every day you are doing something to move the needle in your business. Also Dream BIG dont think small. Create a vision board of all the things you want to accomplish both personally and professionally.  Meditate and say affirmations to help you reach your goals. Most importantly visualize yourself succeeding and watch magic happen!

What is your favourite quote?

You dont become what you want, you become what you believe. – Oprah Winfrey

Let’s end it on that positive note – that quote really says it all.

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About Kimaaya

Kimaaya (“Kim”) is the Founder of of Rofick Digital aka Kimaaya Media, a full-service boutique marketing agency located in North Carolina.

Kim’s priority is to help clients optimize their marketing strategies by providing targeted, effective Facebook Ads and Digital Marketing strategies designed especially to meet their business goals.

Kim fell in love with marketing after taking a few courses while in University.  Coming from three generations of entrepreneurs, Kim decided to start her own business to provide her the freedom to have a greater impact in the world.   As an entrepreneur, she would have the ability to pursue her dream of helping young girls in developing countries hone in on their unique skills and learn how to market themselves in the online global market.

With the ever-changing strategies of digital marketing, Kim is determined to stay on top of all the latest marketing trends to provide clients with the best possible strategies to provide them with a competitive advantage over their competition and always look for improved ways to streamline current marketing workflow to allow clients to work more on the things they love to do — thought leadership and running their business.

To contact Kim – please feel free to email  or call 919-539-8188.


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