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    A little bit about what we do as a social media content marketing agency…

    ​”It’s just a post”… (whoa whoo whoa… them’s fighting’ words around here hah!)

    ​We write, design, and publish your content to your social media channels. Well… that’s the simplified version. 

    ​Here’s what we really do:
    ​-we spend time to create a content strategy to position you as the expert in your field/industry
    ​-we become your personal graphic designer creating custom social media images to go with your posts
    ​-we are the copywriters in your back pocket crafting the messages that become your posts
    ​-we add hashtags and optimize your content when it’s uploaded to do our best to increase your reach
    ​-we collaborate with you to create content that speaks to your audience and aligns with your unique business goals
    ​-we filter incoming comments and messages to make sure you never miss anything
    ​-in some cases, you will have an additional team member who will manage influencer marketing communications and/or run engagement activities

    ​Something that would potentially take you 20 hours or more every single month is done for you so that you can focus on doing more of what you love or what makes you money. 

    ​Social media marketing is one of those ‘must do’ business activities now. It doesn’t always make you money directly, but you most certainly will lose money if your competitors are on it and you’re not. In the eyes of your clients it makes you irrelevant, or… invisible. I can’t think of any business that wants to be invisible online, especially in todays economic climate.

    ​So… next time you think about whether or not you should hire someone or a company to help you with your social media content, please, I beg you… dont just brush it off as ‘it’s just a post’ 🙂