Teasing, name-calling, hitting, spreading rumors or embarrassing someone in public are all aggressive behaviours and forms of bullying. Bullying can have short and long-term effects on someone’s physical and/or psychological health. Victims often feel isolated and unsafe. Research shows that bullying can result in depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and physical illness. In extreme cases, bullying can be fatal. In fact, over the past few years media has reported double the amount of cases of suicide among teens who ended their life after being the target of repeated harassment at school and in cyberspace.

I AM SOMEONE has partnered with with bc211 to offer youth an innovative texting tool that links them with the resources they need in support against bullying. By dialing 211, youths can send an anonymous text and gain access to non-judgmental, professional support, as well as options, information, and referrals to services in their community that can help. This service is now available throughout British Columbia 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Anyone can TEXT 211 for help if they are feeling bullied, alone or afraid.

I AM SOMEONE Ending Bullying Society has expanded across the province of British Columbia and now hopes to eventually provide their support across all of Canada. Youth today average 3400 texts per month to the I AM SOMEONE Ending Bullying Society, however this number is constantly increasing. 

To find out more, visit:


In October 2019 the I Am Someone Ending Bullying Society held an online auction to raise money in support of the organization. Bids and donations were accepted from Monday, October 7th at 9:00 am to Sunday, October 20th at 9:00 pm. 
Learn more about the auction that was put on in October 2019, by visiting:


As a result of the I Am Someone Ending Bullying Society auction, $6,063 was raised in support of the organization. 


The I Am Someone Ending Bullying Society would like to thank everyone who was able to support. Together we can make a difference to End Bullying!

Empty Desk Solutions was particularly moved by our letter of thanks from the  I Am Someone Ending Bullying Society, which read: 

If this has inspired you to support events held by the I Am Someone Ending Bullying Society in the future, please visit:

Empty Desk Solutions would also like to thank everyone who helped make the online auction a success and who continues to support the I Am Someone Ending Bullying Society.

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