Alright, so we all know that advertising on social media has become an essential part of marketing in today’s world and it’s clear that Instagram is on the up and up in this regard. So now that you’ve seen the numbers and the success other businesses have been having with their social media advertisements, you’ve set up your Instagram business account and linked it to your Facebook ads manager account and are ready to launch your campaign via Instagram. Except you have no idea how to design the ad or what to write in it…


Well, guess what? That’s why you’re here!



The Basics for Easily Designing & Writing An Instagram Ad

  Once you have gotten to the point of creating your ad you will first need to enter your website URL and text that will accompany your image. This text will make up the copy of your ad and allows you 300 characters to use. It is essential that your ad copy remains as memorable and concise as possible. Below the text fields, you will be able to upload your photo or graphic for the ad.  The Basics for Easily Designing & Writing An Instagram Ad Make sure the image or graphic you have chosen is aesthetically pleasing, since Instagram is predominantly a platform for visual sharing through photos or videos. Having visually appealing imagery will help to increase your click-through rate and lower your conversion cost. It is arguable the most important aspect of your Instagram ad since it makes up the majority of what your targeted audience is going to see first. It is equally important to ensure that the picture or graphic you have selected for the ad properly portray your brand and the specific subject of what your advertisement is trying to market. After your photo or graphic has been uploaded and you have inserted the message you want to accompany it as the copy of your advertisement, you will have almost completed the creation of your ad for Instagram.    Before finishing you will also have the option to include a “call-to-action” button with your Instagram ad. Even without the button, every Instagram ad you create needs to have a call-to-action, whether that’s in the copy, or written on the photo or graphic itself . Without it, users will have no idea if they click on your ad what they’ll be receiving in return. For example, If your goal is to get Instagram users to browse the merchandise on your website, make your call to action, “Shop Now.”   We recommend including a “call-to-action” button and saving the space in your copy or on your graphic for other important details.   Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s delve into our specific tips for designing and writing an ad for instagram. We selected the tips to include based on how helpful we have found them in our own experience of having a successful Instagram ad campaign. The list is comprised of our top 3 tips for easily designing ads for Instagram, and our top 3 writing tips for the copy. To get us started, let’s start off with our tips for designing Instagram ads!   


3 Tips to Easily Design Ads For Instagram 

Create Colourful Ad Images

1) Create Colourful Ad Images 62%-90% of people’s decision-making is based on colors alone. Colourful images also help to get your ads noticed. Using your brand colours will also help people to remember your business while also causing them to associate the subject of your ad with your brand colours. Another approach is to research the psychology of colours and base the colour palate of your advertisement off what you learn and want to associate with your ad. 


2) Have Your Ad Include In-image Text  The image of your Instagram ad is the first thing people will notice, which is why it is also the perfect place to have your key message. That said, Facebook isn’t as compatible with images that contain too much copy. With that being the case, Facebook will start to limit the reach of your ad if it reads it’s image or graphic as being heavy on copy. To avoid this, simply test your intended image or graphic by using Facebook’s Text Overlay Tool.


3) Implement A/B Testing  Since the image of your ad is so crucial to its success, changing the image of your Instagram promotion can result in a significant change in the results of your campaign. Never used A/B testing before? Here are some options you can try starting with:

☞ Vary your Instagram ad audience – A/B test the people targeted in multiple locations, the age groups, and what interests have been selected.

☞ Experiment with various Instagram ad types – A/B test carousel ads, video ads and regular image ads to see which format is the most successful.

☞ Mix up the colours – A/B test different colours in your ad image by using colour psychology.

☞ Stock photo vs. Graphic – A/B test the results of your ad using an image, verse its results when accompanied by a graphic design.

☞ In-image text vs. No text – A/B test the success of your ad based on its results when using an image with text, verse its results when in-image text is not used.

☞ Try different call-to-actions – A/B test several CTAs to find out which enacts the most interaction with your target audience makes your audience.

☞ Emojis vs. No emojis – A/B test the inclusion of emojis in the copy of your ad against the results of your ad for Instagram when emojis have not been included in its copy. 


Now that we’ve covered our tips for designing an ad for instagram, let’s jump into our tips for writing the copy!  


3 Tips to Easily Write Ads For Instagram

  1) Utilize Short and Persuasive Ad Text Instagram is not the social media platform users will generally go to read. You will not be able to hold people’s attention for long so be sure to deliver your message as quickly and clearly as possible. Try keeping your ad text under 200 characters!

Tips to Easily Write Ads For Instagram

2) Use Actionable Language  Get people to interact with your ad right away by making the copy highly actionable. Make sure that the action you are asking your target audience to take matches the goal you have set in place for the entire ad campaign. Don’t overwhelm users by including multiple different calls-to-action. Choose one action you would like users to take after seeing your ad on Instagram. Keep the description simple and straightforward for users by using direct, actionable words. Examples for actionable verbs include: ☞ Try ☞ Buy ☞ Start  ☞ Read  ☞ Save. 

How To Easily Design & Write Ads For Instagram

3) Highlight The Benefit or Value Typically the most important component to a customer is the value they are getting from their purchase. If the image you’ve chosen shows how a product you’re selling looks, use the copy to explain what that product’s greatest benefit is to its owner. Highlighting the value of what you are advertising is the best way to get your target audience to care about what you are marketing. As previously stated, keep it short and easy to understand. See how quickly you can sum up the value of what your ad is marketing. If you’re stuck, think about what someone will get out of using your service or product and how it will benefit the rest of their life. Try using these two points to figure out what the copy of your ad needs to address. Then perfect it by trying to portray this information within your ad’s copy as uniquely and simply as possible.



After you’ve set up your Instagram ad copy and added an image/video, you will be ready to publish your ad campaign!  Hopefully these tips will help your small business shape its Instagram ads with the skills of Micheal Angelo. Or, at least give some insight into how on earth you might get started. If you lack the time or resources to dedicate to creating social media ads, check out our services page – We’re here to help!  


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