Why Businesses and Nonprofits Need Graphic Designs


  Graphic designs are images that are created by hand or using computer software, to portray your business in a way that inspires, informs, or captivates people. Graphic designs are essential for any business and nonprofit to have since they are a visual representation of your business or nonprofit’s brand identity. They construct the overall layout, production design and aestheticism of your business or nonprofit’s brand, identity, advertisements, marketing, printed materials, retail and total online presence. Whether it’s an advertisement or email signature, potential customers will judge a business in just a few seconds based on visual appeal alone. High-quality graphic design provides credibility and gives a professional face to your business or nonprofit. Graphic designs are also a visual means to tell your business or nonprofit’s story. They can be utilized as a tool that can allow people to get a feel for what a business or organization does, even without having heard of that business or organization before. Having a consistent and appealing brand attracts and helps to retain loyal customers. Furthermore, branding can be used to attract the type of person who is your business or nonprofit’s ideal customer. People are drawn to businesses and organizations that have appealing and recognizable branding. Especially if they have seen it more than once.



What Graphic Designs Businesses and Nonprofits Need


Why Businesses and Nonprofits Need Graphic Designs


A logo

A logo is a symbol, concise image, name or trademark used to represent a particular business or organization. They are used to visually communicate the identity of a brand and what it represents. Logos enable and help to increase people’s recognition of a business or organization.



Why Businesses and Nonprofits Need a brand identity


Brand Identity

A business or organization’s brand identity includes its logo, typography, colors, packaging, and messaging. It is used to complement and reinforce the existing reputation of a brand and portray it visually. A brand identity is used to attract a  business or organization’s ideal customer.



Why Businesses and Nonprofits Need A Website


Website Design

A website is a page or multipage place connected to the Internet that is accessible to anyone on the World Wide Web. A website allows your business or organization to market online. With a website, your business or organization can share its information, services, products, and any charitable outreach or impact, with people through the Internet. It is also important because a website helps you to establish credibility and trust.



Graphic Designs Every Business & Non-Profit Needs For Marketing Materials


Marketing material

Marketing material is used to promote the purpose and value of the services or products your  business or nonprofit offers. Marketing material can be anything from an online advertisement to a brochure or poster, or even a tote bag.



Graphic Designs Every Business & Non-Profit Needs For Social Media Posts


Social Media Posts

Social media posts are the content created to market on social media. Social media marketing is a strategy and low cost way to market your business or nonprofit through social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It allows you to build a community online and offers a way to connect with those people. It is also a low cost way to promote and spread awareness of your business or nonprofit organization.




Graphic designs provide branding consistency across every visual aspect of a business or nonprofit. Creating a uniform identity for your business or nonprofit not only makes it memorable, it also provides imagery your ideal customer can identify and relate to you with. Professional design work is notoriously undervalued. Small businesses and nonprofits typically run on limited resources, and while each wants a beautiful website, logo, and marketing material, they might not have the budget for it. As a small business itself, Empty Desk Solutions understands the trials and tribulations of trying to make a tight budget work. We pride ourselves on offering high quality graphic designs at a rate small businesses and nonprofits can afford. Connect with us today about what graphic designs we can make for you!  





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