Getting Reviews on Google – why you need them and how to get them

While stumbling through this process this evening, we discovered that it’s not so easy to find your direct link to your google business page to send to clients to get reviews. Apparently Google likes to make this more difficult than it really should be 😉

Tip: Getting reviews should be part of your ongoing marketing strategy and the best time to get a review is right after you complete a service or sell a product to a happy client. Don’t be scared of bad reviews – there’s nothing you can do to protect yourself anyways. If someone is motivated to leave a bad review, trust us they will find a way to do it. We are sure your happy customers far outweigh the unhappy ones, so go for it and don’t hold back in soliciting testimonials for yourself or your brand.

Before we show you how to find our direct link, lets quickly put in some stats (we love stats you know!) about WHY you should get Google reviews from your clients:

  1. 90% of clients research online using a search before they contact a business (one with more reviews and positive feedback will not only receive credibility from the person searching, but you will likely come up higher in the search results as well)
  2. Almost 70% of ALL searches done online use Google – so your top priority should be getting reviews here over anywhere else
  3. Google maps now prominently displays Google reviews
  4. They influence your Google rankings on both desktop AND mobile searches
  5. 88% of consumers consult reviews before making a purchase
  6. 63% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a site that has customer reviews

How to send people to your business listing to get those reviews!

1 – Find your Business Listing on Google Maps (if you don’t yet have a listing that you have verified, you will not be able to get reviews)


2 – Click on the ‘map’ so that you get to the page with your listing and other options. Then click the ‘share’ button. You can see at the bottom of the listing, someone could leave a review right from here. But how do you send them a direct link to this page? See screenshot #3



3 – Copy the URL/Link from the ‘share’ box. This is the link you can send to your clients to get direct traffic to your listing where they can leave a review


Now all that’s left to do is create your review template! People like to have choices on how and where they can leave reviews, so make sure they have a few options in order to increase your chances of getting those testimonials. If you would like our template for reviews, we will give it to you at no charge, just email us and request yours and we will send it on over!