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Happy Monday! 

I hope you had a lovely weekend. I’m feeling invigorated and wanted to share a quick tip with you today about email marketing. It’s all about ‘how to start.’

I have a lot of clients that are still on the fence about starting an email marketing journey and most of the time when I ask them ‘what about email marketing freaks you out?’ they reply with one of two things:

1. I have no list and I don’t know where to start, or
2. I don’t have the time to put in to creating emails all the time

I asked a special client if he was ok with me sharing his story today and I’m so excited that he said yes, because he was in this exact situation and here we are only a few short weeks after starting a very basic strategy and his results are crazy.

He is a local realtor and has various systems for collecting leads and tracking conversations. He’s a total boss at making connections and selling, and he has been growing year after year (in fact he’s in the top 1% in the Fraser Valley) but he had never had any kind of email marketing program set up outside of his drip campaigns set up for new leads to get. So he had all of these contacts, floating around in various systems, just sitting there! I saw a huge opportunity just sitting there.

The first step (as it is with any email marketing strategy) is to sign up for the service you want to use (in my case and in his case we chose mailchimp), and then we had to start compiling those contacts in to a list. Most of his systems have some kind of auto-import feature where we can connect them to mailchimp so it makes it nice and easy. 

Pro-tip: if you don’t have systems set up yet to store contact data, fire up google sheets and at the very least start putting in names and email addresses or any info you have on your contacts so you can import them to an email marketing system when you’re ready.

Once we had the list in place, we decided we would send out a happy holidays email. Simple! That one email sent to his list got him 10+ replies. That might not seem huge, but when you consider starting 10 new conversations with people that wouldn’t have heard from him otherwise it becomes clear that we are on to something here.

Then we decided that the best way to keep in touch with his list is to send one monthly market update each month followed by a holiday type email (think happy valentines day, happy st Patricks day etc), and one important ‘actionable’ email such as ‘mortgage rates are on the decline – is it time to think about a refinance to potentially buy an investment property?’. This is a good mix of content and even as we learn what his list responds to, the idea is that they are seeing his name pop in to their inbox a couple times a month. He will definitely be top of mind when they are ready to talk real estate.

Guess what happened when we sent out the January market update to his list?

He had 5+ replies (conversations!), and one of them is actively in discussions now with my client to sell their home. We are talking ONE email that has a return of a potential listing which in our market can be a pretty significant payday – wow!

So… if you’re on the fence about starting an email list, don’t be shy. You have to start somewhere. Even a list of 50-100 people that you build over the next few months WILL grow if you commit to being consistent. If you take a look at your industry and competitors, I am willing to bet that the most successful peeps/companies indeed have an email list that they are communicating with regularly.

That’s it for today, if you’re interested in connecting for a free coffee chat to brainstorm if an email marketing strategy could be right for you, click on the coffee chat button below – I can’t wait to sip some java with you over zoom. Cheers!


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