Oh hello there! Happy Monday πŸ™‚

I have been sitting on this idea for a long time, and I’ve been scared to put it out there to the world but this weekend I sat journaling and I think I’ve got to just go for it.

Our done for you social media packages are for entrepreneurs and small businesses that are ready to hand over their social media content marketing to experts to get it off their plate,Β but what about the rest that aren’t ready for this?Β What about all the peeps trying to make it work and learn to DIY it so that they can invest in other areas of their business that might need more attention right now?

I have ideas for courses to create on our process of creating content, but those won’t be ready for quite some time. (I really want to up the production value on those before I blast them out there). So… here’s my silly idea:

The Marketing Club
powered by Empty Desk Solutions

It’s not even live on our website, because it’s something that is exclusive to this email list (for now). The initial launch is not an ‘official launch’. It’s not even a ‘soft launch’… It’s what I will call a ‘itty bitty baby launch’ haha! No logo exists yet, no fancy marketing materials to talk about it, not even a Facebook ad or blog teaser floating around.

I even thought about giving the membership away for free while I build up more resources to put in it, but in my experience when something is free, people don’t take advantage of it fully, and there’s this weird feeling that looms over the product or service because there was no exchange of energy (value/money). So yes… there is a cost… but it’s less than a weekly trip to Starbucks!

This is for you if you want a little bit of support and direction with your marketing and if you want a space to come together with other small businesses craving the same thing once a week for 30 minutes. You don’t even need to block out a full hour – I’m sure you have 30 minutes to spare for your business marketing!

The Marketing Club membership is going to be $17/month (until further notice). For $17/month you get to hop on zoom with me and whoever else is motivated and joins to work on whatever you need to be working on with your marketing, and I’ll be there to answer questions and provide advice. Think of it as your weekly kick in the butt to do those things you said you were going to do, but didn’t because no one chased you down to do them.

As the membership grows we will include guest speakers and courses as an optional add-on, but for now, it’s 30 min zoom calls, once a week (schedule will be posted the month prior for the call times) for you to be able to get clear and take action with your marketing.

The Marketing Club officially opens its doors March 2021 – so if you want in, you have to reply with ‘I’m in’ to save your spot so we can reach out to you when we have the live links for the zoom calls.

I hope you will join me – I’m very excited to send this out in to the Universe πŸ™‚ If you have any special requests for future training sessions for me to add to the membership, please let me know what they are – I absolutely love getting replies on my emails – it makes my day!

Cheers to you and your week ahead, I hope it’s wonderful.

Until next time,