Hello and Happy Monday indeed!

Ok so here’s the deal, I’ll be straight with you… 

I NEVER offer sales on our packages. The main reason for this is that each package is custom, and I hate it when I see promotions from other companies ‘for new clients only’ and current loyal clients get zilch. Isn’t that annoying? Like… what the heck is my loyalty worth?

I’ve always been told by my coaches and mentors to never discount what we offer (our social media packages) but I’m breaking all the rules today. Not because I feel like I should throw away all that money I’ve spent on coaching, but because times are CRAZY right now for everyone recovering from 2020 and I want to help your business (and of course it helps mine when we grow too!). 

We have been brainstorming for months about what our new packages will look like and we are so thrilled to announce that we are adding ‘stories’ as a brand new bonus to all of our packages. This is the number one way our clients are getting engagement and starting conversations and even though it’s quite a manual process to create these, we are all over it because we want you to shine 😉

So… what’s this secret sale all about you might ask?

Well, until Feb 7th for anyone on the EDS newsletter list, we are doing a BOGO* event! Ya… you read that right BOGO! Buy one get one 50% OFF, or buy 2 months get 1 FREE*!

This offer is valid on any of our monthly social media marketing plans – you can see those here: https://www.emptydesksolutions.ca/packages/ 

*to access the deal, you must purchase the package with us before Feb 7th 2021 and you pay upfront for the 2 or 3 months of service.

I can’t wait to work with you. This will be our only package sale of the year so don’t sleep on it if you’re thinking of hiring for social media management and content marketing. Oh and PS – yes, you can purchase now and use the months later in the year if that makes more sense for your business (ie. use the package closer to holiday shopping etc).

PPS – if you are a current client and you want to switch your package to access this deal, we welcome that too – we love you all!