From our friends at Social Media Examiner:

26 Tips to Create a Strong Social Media Content Strategy

Our favourite of course is number 15 because we know how much time it takes us to write custom content therefor we know just how much time we are saving our clients!

#1: Align Content Development With Social Media Metrics and Goals

Understand the goals of your company’s social media content delivery to help you develop a more attainable strategy.

Jayson DeMers suggests, “First you need to know what to measure. The end goals dictate the measurement metric.”

He offers metrics for four social media goals:

  • If you’re looking to generate traffic, your metric should be: unique visitors from social websites where you’ve run your social media campaigns.
  • If you’re looking to create a following, your metric should be: subscribers, followers on your social channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • If you’re looking to generate interaction, your metric should be: quantity and type of commentary (Facebook comments, Twitter replies/mentions).
  • If you’re looking to generate revenue (which is the ultimate purpose), your metric should be: the precise dollar value of every lead a social post generates.

Keep this information in mind when crafting your social media content.

#2: Beef Up Your Content Strategy With a Big-Brand Mindset

Small businesses can learn valuable lessons from the big-brand approach to social media.

Rick Mulready suggests three things big brands do very well that small businesses can emulate:

  • Find where their customers talk and “go deep.”
  • Create content that people want to talk about.
  • Use social media to listen to customers.

Starbucks, with over 34 million fans on Facebook, is a good example.

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