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Need additional help and are looking for someone you can trust? Our partners are people that we work with closely and have grown to trust. These people have not paid to be advertised on this page, they are real businesses we have selected to highlight due to their shared passion for helping small businesses succeed. If we can connect you  with someone, or want to discuss how you can become a trusted partner, please connect with us anytime.

Specialties: Social Media Content Marketing

“I am a Social Media Marketing Expert who has a women led Canadian team that creates custom content solutions for clients in North America. We build trust through social media marketing content and plans to grow small businesses.”

Brittany Hardy
Social Media Marketer, Content Specialist

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Specialties: Facebook Advertising

I am a Facebook Ads Specialist and Social Media Strategist who specializes in digital marketing strategies to help Entrepreneurs and business owners grow their online presence, generate leads and attract their ideal customer to their products or services.”

Kelly Sturtevant
Facebook Ads Specialist and Social Media Strategist

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Specialties: Instagram & Facebook ads, graphic/content creation

Lori is a social media and branding expert, specializing in Instagram, Facebook ads, and graphic/content creation.

Lori Caralis
Digital Marketing Consultant 

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Specialties: WordPress web design and development ⎜ Cross-platform storytelling and relationship marketing ⎜ Copywriting for the web (emails, bios, websites, blogs, ads & funnels) ⎜ Tech automations & integrations (trello, slack, inbox, spreadsheets, etc)

I help creative professionals dominate their market with holistic digital strategies and makeovers that bring a business to life online!

Georgia Mountford
Digital Strategist & Tech Consultant ← acuity

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Specialties: Pinterest Strategy and Management, organic and paid. 

I help brands and businesses explode their online presence and website traffic through Pinterest. With a very hands on an up-to-date strategic approach I can help your brand shine and reach the right audience with pins!”

Tereza Toledo
Pinterest Specialist and Social Media Strategist 

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Specialties: Email marketing, local SEO, social media marketing, speaker/trainer

We serve our clients by creating strategic marketing campaigns that help businesses get found and generate leads, both online and offline. We offer custom digital marketing solutions from websites to social media marketing to email marketing and content creation.”

Melanie Diehl
Email Marketing Expert 

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Specialties: Content Creation, SEO, Marketing Strategy, Traditional and Digital/Social Integration, Start-up Event Strategy

“8 Arms Group was created by a southerner who takes that storytelling thing seriously. We are professional, experienced, practical, and creative marketing data nerds who love helping businesses grow…and octopuses, we love octopuses.

Jeanne Eury

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Specialties: High-ticket sales copy for launches and messaging intensives

The message is what makes the difference between a ho-hum campaign and one that’s an unforgettable income-generating machine. And the message is my specialty. Hi, my name is Christa Nichols, and I’m a messaging expert. I specialize in helping entrepreneurs and thought leaders create the messaging and copy that irresistibly leads their target audiences on a straight path to the sale.

Christa Nichols
Copywriter & Messaging Expert

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Specialties: Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Instagram, Social Media Networking (Lead Gen) Twitter, LinkedIn, Content Creation, Social Media Strategy 

“Kim is social media savvy during the day and a regular tired mum at night! Kim has a proven track record of helping brands build a strong presence across Facebook and Instagram. She understands how overwhelming and frustrating social media can be as business owners try and use it to improve and grow their business, whether it is an online business or not. Driven by passion, she takes pride in providing the best customer care possible. Kim works mainly with busy mompreneurs who struggle to grow their business on social media and create excitement and engagement on their chosen platforms. She has worked with several established online businesses, including Creative Women’s Mastermind, Magnificent Munchers and  Southern Hospitality Consulting!”

Kim Cullen
Social Media Manager 

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Specialties: Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Facebook and Instagram Ads

“We can handle simple one-off projects to full strategy and management saving you time, stress, and money. Whether its influencer marketing and management, digital marketing strategy and manangement, or ghostwriting and copywriting—we’ve got you covered.”

Ashleigh Hage
Influencer Marketing Specialist 

I focus on innovative internet solutions that improve your online brand through creative web design and social media marketing.”

 Brandon First
Website Designer & Online Marketer


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