Let’s get to it – Not sure what your business should post on social media? Here are seven ideas for you to use!


7 Creative Social Media Posts


1. Post a video

post a video  

Nowadays video doesn’t have to be anything fancy. In fact, it can literally just be you filming yourself with your phone or laptop from the comfort of your own home. 64% of consumers say watching a marketing video on Facebook has influenced a purchase decision of theirs in the last month. So, why not take 5 minutes each week to film a 50 second video?  Make your business relatable by sharing its story in front of a camera personally. ☞ Talk about something as simple as what made you start your business? ☞ What is your origin story? ☞ What is the story behind your business’ name? ☞ What is a challenge your business has overcome? Or, make a list of 4 topics at the beginning of each month and post 1 video addressing each at the start of every week. After you’ve gotten into the habit of it, it will become easy to take a quick minute to highlight an aspect of your business in front of a camera.


2. Testimonial

share a testimonial

Share a testimonial by a customer/client. Not only will it increase positive exposure of your business by promoting someone’s positive experience, it may also inspire someone else to write your business another glowing review.


3. Take a poll

Creative Social Media Posts idea list

Find out what your audience needs are by asking them a question and taking a poll. Not only is this a great way to create engagement, but by relating the poll to your industry or your business, you can learn what potential customers/clients are more interested in. Using that information can help you cater your content and even your business’ services/products to customers/clients needs.


4. Give a recommendation

List of Creative Social Media Post Ideas

Simply recommend a book, blog article, or product related to your business/industry each week. The more relevant the better! 


5. Share an industry fact

Ideas for Social Media Posts

Post a funny, informative or surprising fact about your business, or the industry its in. Remember to credit the source so your audience knows you provide reliable and vetted information they know will ring true.


6. Highlight a team member

Introduce a fellow staff member, or compliment them on an achievement made either in or out of the office.  

team member highlightCreative Social Media Post Personal Highlight

It’s just you? Highlight a personal experience, or an experience with a customer/client that taught you something invaluable!


7. Win of the week

Creative Post Ideas Wins of the Week

Share an accomplishment you or your business had this week. Make it personable so people can relate with the pride you are feeling, while also being careful to maintain humility. Ask your audience to share one of their wins for the week in the comments of your post as well.  

Coming up with ideas for content to post on social media can be a dumbfounding conundrum even to the post experienced and avid posters. Hopefully this list of creative, potential post ideas helps you out. #HappyMarketing!


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Brittany Hardy Owner Brittany Hardy is the Owner of Empty Desk Solutions, a boutique marketing company located in Port Moody B.C. Brittany is passionate about helping small businesses achieve their growth goals with marketing solutions that are both effective and affordable. After many years of working in retail management and then as the Marketing Manager for Canada’s largest mortgage company, Brittany decided it was time to pursue a life-long goal of creating her own business. Naturally she likes to help others and decided there was no better way to do this than to use her creative talent to help others who want to do the same thing. With three young children, Brittany believes in balancing work and home life and continues to find new ways to support and employ other mothers who want to start their own businesses or stay at home with their children. Social media marketing continues to evolve for small businesses and Brittany and her team are passionate about helping these businesses navigate how they can benefit from these networks. Brittany has been a finalist for the Women of Worth awards, the Tri-Cities Business Excellence awards, and has most recently been featured in Small Business BC and in the Huffington Post. Social Media Links: Facebook LinkedIn TwitterGoogle Find us on Instagram: @brittanyebh ⎜ @emptydesksolutions