A social media campaign is when a business implements a coordinated marketing strategy that showcases information about the business, its product(s) or service(s), or its overall brand, by using one or multiple social media platforms.

5 Creative Social Media Campaign IdeasSuccessful campaigns will be able to influence social media users to emotionally respond, or physically act in a certain way to a business resulting in measurable outcomes, and driving revenue.

Coming up with a creative social media campaign for your business can be difficult. To inspire you, we’ve compiled a list of our top five favourite, tried and true ideas for social media campaigns:

5 Creative Social Media Campaign Ideas


1. Limited time only campaign

5 Creative Social Media Campaign Ideas Introducing a limited-time only product or service creates scarcity around it. This can play with a customer’s/client’s fear of missing out. It can also raise the value of, and prestige around the deal you are offering. 

By making a limited time offer your business can trigger its audience to act now! 



2. Political or social stance campaign

Taking on a political cause or social stance relating to your business, or the industry your business is in at large, can be a great way to launch a campaign. More and more businesses are operating by and publicizing their political and social values, which is proving to be a smart marketing move in the modern world. 

Creative Social Media Campaign Ideas

By encouraging your audience to stand with you, or simply by showing them the ideals your brand supports, your business will cultivate brand awareness and loyalty among the customers/clients who also share the stance your business has taken. Using a hashtag relating to the political or social stance your business takes on in its campaign will encourage your audience to rally around you.

Political awareness and wallet activism are a great way to attract your ideal customers/clients. In a 2018 study, experts found that 64% of consumers will support a business based on its political or social stances. While taking a political or social stand can be risky, if you have done your homework and know the audience you’re targeting, they will appreciate your company’s boldness. Taking this risk can pay off grandly. 


3. User-generated content campaign 

Creative Social Media Campaign Ideas Want to show off the quality of your product(s)/service(s)? Get your customers/clients to do it for you! Make a call for your clients/customers to share their experience with your product/service with a hashtag you’ve created.

The goal is to have them show off the kinds of results your product/service can produce.

Try highlighting one of the user generated posts one of your customers/clients has shared to promote and help guide the other participants towards sharing the type of content you’re looking for from them! 

Getting your customers to prove the value your business provides, or has added to their life is exactly the kind of authenticity that will have your business shining brighter than the rest of the competition.  


4. Self-care/self-love campaign

5 Creative Social Media Campaign Ideas Self-care/self-love is a multifaceted cause that can apply to everyone in any demographic. Almost every industry can find a way in which self-care/self-love affects the people involved in it. By creating a campaign around self-care/self-love that relates to your business you are promoting your brand in a way that will result in your audience associating it with those values.

While many brands promote self-care/self-love, there are still so many untapped avenues to continue to bring encouragement of positive self-esteem into the marketing universe. 

Why not use your business to make waves for positive change and make a corporate commitment to doing so?


5. Charitable campaign

Creative Social Media Campaign Ideas Choose a charity, nonprofit, or event to send a portion of your proceeds. Then make a timeline of how long your business will donate to this charity/nonprofit/event for—and how much of your proceeds you will donate. 

Make sure that the charity, nonprofit, or event you select is aligned with your business’ values, or even perhaps relates to the industry you’re in. Your business should choose to give back to the charities it cares about the most. 

People love giving back, and respect businesses that are doing the same, or are simply just trying to make a difference. Charitable campaigns are a great way to emotionally charge your audience,  and hopefully encourage them to buy from you.



Creative Social Media Campaigns Hopefully this list of creative social media campaigns has helped get your creative juices flowing. Social media marketing has many benefits, one of which being its accessibility to any business in any industry, large or small. 

Let us know if these social media campaign ideas provided inspiration for the next social media campaign your business is doing.


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