Utilizing social media contests can be a great way to generate awareness of your business, create good word of mouth, gain new e-mail subscribers, encourage people to come try your business out, or try something new your business is offering. A contest is successful when there has been a large amount of participation in it from your audience. The trick with this lies in getting people to want to enter. No one wants to take the time and effort to participate in a contest if it is not worth their while. Getting people to participate in social media contest comes down to providing them with a quality incentive. In other words, offering the contest winner a worthwhile prize!

Selecting the right prize for a contest can be a mystifying process. So, Empty Desk Solutions has compiled a list of 5 creative prizes for social media contests.


5 Creative Prizes for Social Media Contests



1. Offer the winner a free service or product

free service or product

Give the winner one of your products for free, or offer them one of your services free of charge for a week. Hopefully, this will not only get them hooked on what your business has to offer, but also enable the winner to share your business with their community.  


2. Provide a discount on a service or product

win a discount

Can’t afford to give away something for free? Do the next best thing and offer the winner a discount on products or discounts. This will hopefully encourage the winner to try something out!  


3. Give a prize

Creative Prizes for Social Media Contests

Offer the winner a prize! Perhaps you have something lying around that you don’t need. Or, you can purchase something to give away to your contest winner. The prize should be something everyone needs or would want, so it doesn’t limit the type of contestant that would enter, like for example a reusable water bottle.  


4. Partner with another business

Creative Prizes for Social Media Contests

Use the contest to cross promote and Simply supply the winner with a gift card to the other business you are partnering with!  


5. Make a charity donation 

Decide on a certain amount to donate and have the contest winner select what charity they would like to receive the money. This not only works as good publicity for your business, but also allows you to give back to the community! 


charity donation



Hopefully this list of creative contest prizes helps get you started. Struggling to figure out what your contest should be? Click here for a list of 5 creative social media contest ideas!




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