An Entire Year of Social Media Content
Written, Designed, and PUBLISHED 
for your business or non-profit!
So you have this great business (or non-profit), yet every week you look to yourself or your team and say "What the heck should I post today?"

You're not unlike most other business owners. You're trying to juggle a million and one things, and social media content falls ever so slowly down down down to the bottom of the priority list where it cries for help but the sounds are muffled by "shhh... quiet down there. I don't have time for you today" and "Ugh... would you just stop already? I know I have to post more often to stay top of mind but I just can't be bothered today".

Need a little help?
We hear you!
Actually... we've heard you LOUD AND CLEAR! You need a solution to your social media content creation and scheduling woes... but you don't want to break the bank!
We've managed over 150 clients' social media channels, and one thing keeps coming up... Everyone wants social media content consistently!
But you know what else keeps coming up? All the things! Here are just some of the reasons we created this brand new offer for you:
  • Time: Creating content takes time, and you don't have any more time than the rest of us
  • Value: You know that top-of-mind branding is key in today's social media crazed world, but you know you don't need to spend insane amounts of money to achieve it
  • Cost: You know that content services can cost thousands of dollars per month but you just can't justify that cost
  •  Effort: You know that you would love to 'set it and forget it' with your social media content (ie... you don't want to log in every day to post something and spend countless hours surfing for ideas)
  •  Professional: You know you should leave it to a professional, but sometimes large agency rates are just not affordable for smaller marketing budgets
  •  Tools: You know you need the right tools to make it happen, but they are expensive! (hint... we pay over $1000/month in tools ALONE to do what we do. Save that cost!)
  •  Peace of mind: Approve all of your content in one big batch and then our team will schedule it out over the course of the next 365 days!
So... how does it work?
  • Step 1 - Order it up! Fill in the order form below to pay for your chosen package. Once payment is received, we connect with you within 2 hours via email with a simple questionnaire to start the content creation process (you know... to get things like your logo etc)
  • Step 2 - Empty Desk Solutions is working on your content! Once we receive the questionnaire back from you, we start working on your content! Your full year of content is delivered to you to approve in a google document where you can request edits. Yes... you heard that right, you can request changes! (1 round of revisions is included). Your file is delivered within 4 business days of receiving your questionnaire.
  • Step 3 - It's branded! Oh yeaaaaa! Every single post comes with a branded image - can you say 'score'!!!
  • Step 4 - Standby for revisions. If you requested revisions, we will work on the changes and you will receive your revised content within TWO business days
  • Step 5 - sit back and relax! Once everything is approved, we hook your channels up to our scheduling tool and you get to sit back and watch as your content gets posted for you all year long!
  • Wait there's more?... Yes! We have some great bonuses that get sent to you along with your content. These include our top 70 ways to get new clients (free download for small service-based businesses), our free content marketing webinar, our weekly marketing tips series, and our popular all-inclusive social media marketing checklist!
Some FAQs... just for you!
Is the content proofread?
Yes! Our team proofreads all of the copy for grammar etc before it's sent to you for the initial review.
What if my social channels aren't set up?
If you require help setting up and branding your social channels, we can help! You can indicate that on your questionnaire and we will help you set them up.
How long before I receive my content?
Your content is sent to you within 4 business days of receiving your questionnaire (sometimes sooner!).
Do you offer different packages?
You can select our basic package which includes 2 posts/week for an entire year or our upgraded version which includes 12 blog articles in addition to your 2 posts/week (your blogs are delivered separately).
Do you offer a discount if I buy more than one package?
While we do not offer discounts on multiple packages, if you are buying content again next year, we do offer a loyalty discount if you would like to recycle some of your existing content.
What type of business is this for?
This plan is best suited for small-medium sized businesses who do not have in-house marketing teams. This plan is suitable for any business modal or type. This plan is also excellent for non-profit organizations that need content assistance.
What platforms can you post my content to? Am I limited to only one?
Once you approve your content and we've hooked up your social channels to our scheduling tool, we can push it almost anywhere! Most business opt to push their content to: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (personal and company page), Google Business, and Instagram.
Can I still post my own stuff?
Of course! The content we design and publish is meant to be your baseline... it's meant to create consistency for you and your brand, product, or service. We encourage all of our clients to still post their own 'in the moment' and relatable content when they can.
Do you have an agency white labeled version?
Yes we do! If you are interested in our agency white-labeled version, please email 
Are you ready?
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Dynamically Updated
Brittany will take your game to the next level. Get off the fence and give Empty Desk Solutions a try. Their field of expertise is always evolving, they do this every day. How much is your time worth? Unless you want to stumble around in the dark finding things out for yourself? Why don’t you let Brittany hand you a few light bulbs.
-Thor Chinchilla
Brittany and her team have gone above and beyond in helping my firm set up and manage my social media, and digital marketing campaigns. Invaluable help in todays world. I highly recommend their services. 
-Craig McTavish (Port Moody Law Group)
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