Have you started looking at your social media plan for 2016? Before you to, you should consider how you will audit and review the challenges and successes of this year so that you can work those findings in to your 2016 plan.

1Perhaps you didn’t have a plan in 2015, and that’s ok! That’s why there’s no better time than now to take a look at what you did, what worked and what did not so that your plan for next year will glitter with success!

We have scoured the internet to help you find all of the items to include in your audit. Here they are in no particular order:

  •  What the company is trying to achieve through social media marketing?
  • How good the company is in achieving its business objectives through social media?
  • Who are their target audience and why?
  • How good the company is in targeting customers?
  • How good the company is in building positive influence among customers?
  • Which social media tools are used by the company?
  • How good the company is in leveraging the various social media tools?
  • How good the company is in engaging with the target audience?
  • How good the company is in amplifying its messages?
  • Do you have a database or spreadsheet somewhere containing all of your actual account data and log in information?
  • What is your process for handling customer service queries that come in from social media?
  • What was your content strategy for this year and what resonated with your audience?
  • How much custom content vs syndicated news content did you have on your social media channels?
  • How many blog posts did you write per week or month?
  • How did your social media efforts impact your website traffic ? Further to this – do you have a process to look at your google analytics to see what is performing on your website and what is not?
  • Have you identified your main sales goals for 2016 to add to your new plan? Did your 2015 strategy assist in achieving these goals?
  • How did you track weekly or monthly social media progress?
  • Were you able to stay on top of your own social media of did you enlist the help of a social media employee, department, or third party company?
  • Did your 2015 social media marketing stay on budget? Do you need to adjust your social media marketing budget for 2015?
  • How did your social media marketing compare to your other marketing channels? Cost wise and time/effort payoff?

social media audit

There are MANY questions you may ask yourself to start building your audit template but here’s just a few of the resources that we found online for you to take advantage of:

A Social Media Audit Template and Guide for Marketers