One of the ways Empty Desk Solutions (EDS) is giving back this year is by volunteering our time and services to The Coquitlam Foundation.

  The Coquitlam Foundation is a registered charity focused on making their local community a better place to live. They have successfully administered more than $3 million dollars to support important community projects, foundations and local students in need. The Coquitlam Foundation is part of the Community Foundations of Canada.

Social Media Managing for nonprofitsCommunity foundations contribute time, leadership and financial support to local initiatives, helping people give back where their communities need it most. With an intimate knowledge of local priorities, community foundations champion what matters most by directing grants, expertise, leadership, and other investments towards everything from shelter, education, and care for those in need, to the arts, environment and recreation. Community foundations play a crucial role in how people give back where communities need it most. We connect people, families and companies with causes that inspire them. We pool resources, knowledge and expertise, working with others for even greater impact.  And we help donors realize their philanthropic goals by matching their interests with community needs and finding innovative ways to make every donation count.

Empty Desk Solutions was able to support The Coquitlam Foundation by taking them on pro bono. Prior to working with EDS, The Coquitlam Foundation’s social media marketing was run by one person on the board, who would try to post whenever there was a few minutes to spare. Overwhelmed by the surprising amount of time commitment required, the lack of resources available for The Coquitlam Foundation to develop and implement a social media strategy armed with the production of meaningful content added to the difficulty of successfully administering and maintaining their online presence. Looking for a solution to both constantly post meaningful content, and secondly utilize all social media outlets, rather than just Facebook, The Coquitlam Foundation began to explore social media management options.

“We just did not have the capacity to do this ourselves and our strategic objective was to increase the awareness of the Coquitlam Foundation and utilizing social media was one of the tools to do that. We had learned about EDS’ skills in this area and the fact that EDS is based locally was beneficial to us as we wish to support local businesses.” – Dwight Yochim, Executive Director of The Coquitlam Foundation

Empty Desk Solutions eagerly agreed to step in and take on such a beneficial organization as one of our clients.

  Through working with The Coquitlam Foundation to discover and evaluate their needs, EDS created a social media marketing and content strategy designed to meet those needs. One of the creative aspects of developing part of the content strategy was initiating a weekly content theme catered specifically to The Coquitlam Foundation. A weekly content theme is a schedule used to organize social media posts based on aligning the subject matter of each post’s content with a particular day. After incorporating The Coquitlam Foundation’s input, we finalized their weekly content theme.

Our weekly content theme for The Coquitlam Foundation includes:


social media marketing for nonprofits

  • Invest. Enrich. Inspire. – Motivational/inspiring quote



nonprofit social media marketing



social media managing for nonprofit

  • Weekly news story feature – Highlight article from website news section/tricity news/stories from nonprofit sites



nonprofit social media managing

  • Upcoming event promotion – Promote upcoming events



social media for nonprofit

  • Facts or information about the foundation – Fact Friday


The weekly content theme was put into practice right away and has been an essential outline for ensuring the production of content that is valued by The Coquitlam Foundation’s audience.


EDS has now been providing social media management for The Coquitlam Foundation since March, 2019.

“In the short time EDS has been helping us, the engagement has more than doubled and the algorithms have improved. That is priceless!” – Trish Mandewo, Boardmember of The Coquitlam Foundation 

social media managing for nonprofit organizationsEDS enjoys administering the social media marketing and content strategy we designed for The Coquitlam Foundation to meet their needs, but especially delights in designing, scheduling and publishing all of their content. Not only because content creation is our specialty, but because of the charitable and generous impact of the content being shared by The Coquitlam Foundation. Moving forward, EDS is thrilled to continue collaborating and perfecting the value of the content. Which is easy to say when your client is a constant source of inspiring impact in the local community and environment. Serendipitously, The Coquitlam Foundation is on the same page and are an avid participant in making their content the best it can be, while constantly taking charge of innovative actions on their end.   

“For the future I will be planning ahead myself on what posts can possibly be added  in the next month or the month after that so when I do the review I can suggest content that will help us the most.” – Dwight, Executive Director of The Coquitlam Foundation


Empty Desk Solutions was humbled to hear that The Coquitlam Foundation has found the value of our services to be immense. 


It is invaluable to have our social media content all lined up and schedule for a month. It is so easy to review, update and approve within minutes. The branding is fantastic and then not having to think about it every day except to see the post appear is amazingly gratifying.  I no longer worry about whether we should post something, what we should post, if we should post because I am busy doing something else and this has taken a lower priority. It is taken care of and I know it – the stress is gone.” – Dwight, Executive Director of The Coquitlam Foundation

“It’s worth a million dollars +++. Not only is it time saving, It paves the way for better branding due to the regular postings.” – Trish Mandewo, Boardmember of The Coquitlam Foundation


In turn, volunteering for The Coquitlam foundation has been a fantastic experience for EDS.

Supporting a local organization that helps to fund important community projects and local students in need is truly rewarding.  


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