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In late 2018, I joined a mastermind group with none other than THE Rachel Pedersen, Queen of Social Media. It’s a tight-knit group of like-minded entrepreneurs coming together to learn and empower each other to grow and do better things in our businesses each and every day.

I wanted to be able to feature other members of the group to share with the world what amazing talent is within this powerful group of marketers.

Here’s our second post in our new interview series! Brandon is one of our trusted partners and he is a website master! Here is his interview 😉

Hi! Can you introduce yourself and tell our readers how you’re connected to us?

My name is Brandon Hirst and I am connected to Brittany through a mentorship that we are both a part of. We’ve helped each other out on projects and she is always willing to help everyone!

Thanks Brandon! I sincerely love just connecting with other people in my industry to help other small businesses.

What is your biggest business goal for this year?

My biggest business goal this year is to expand my team and help business owners stand out with their online presence.

We share similar goals this year! I was able to expand the EDS team last year, but this year I want to expand in other ways… by partnering with more marketing professionals like yourself 🙂 What types of programs do you participate in to further your growth in your industry? How do you find these valuable?

I am a part of a mentorship program that focuses on business and personal growth. I also take part in numerous conferences so I can continue to bring my clients the best tactics available.

Love the mentorship programs – I’ve always found tremendous value in them, especially when it comes to mindset coaching. Conferences are something I haven’t done yet – maybe that’s next on the list!

When you think back to the very beginning of your business, what was the hardest part of starting?

The hardest part was finding clients in the beginning because it was tough to show past work.

Yes! I find even now sometimes people want to see a lot of past work and I struggle to make sure I pull comparisons that are actually parallel to the person’s business. On the flip side of that… what was the easiest part of starting for you?

The easiest part was focusing on building awesome websites. I loved to do it so it wasn’t really work for me.

It’s funny how something that comes natural to us doesn’t even feel like work. I feel like this when we start writing social content for people – it’s fun for us!

Was there any one thing that stood out as something that helped you build your business?

Realizing that it doesn’t all have to be perfect. Done is better than perfect. When focusing on my own stuff I didn’t like to share it until it was perfect but by doing that it cuts out so many opportunities and holds you back.

This is so very true. Oftentimes people ask me where they should start and I always say the same thing… ‘just start!’. Things WILL go sideways, and it’s about how you bounce back when they do.

Tell us about your dream client!

My dream client is a business owner who sees the importance of an online presence and wants to highlight what they are good at.

In theory I guess that should be every business owner! Unfortunately many don’t recognize how important that web presence is.

Why are you passionate about those types of clients? How do you want to help them? Why do you want to help them?

Those types of clients are great to work with. They understand everyone has their area of expertise and people work better when they love what they are doing.

It certainly makes for a nice experience if clients trust you to do what you’re best at – those are my fav clients too!

What does your dream business look like?

The one I am building. Helps others around them and continues to grow.

Well it seems you are on the right track then! What’s your single biggest driver for wanting your own business?

In a 9-5 there is always a cap at where you stop. As a business owner you can continue to grow without hitting a limit someone else has put on you.

I literally just talked about this today in another interview! I was happy in my past job but having someone else determine what I could make (money) and what I could do with my time just didn’t work for me anymore, I knew there was another way!

How do you balance working and building a business if you also work a 9-5?

I did it for 2 years part time while in a full time position. My balance required a lot of work because I was always wanting to grow my business but had to make sure I continued to put effort into my full time position.

Yep! Been there as well – it was only 4 months for me before I had to make that hard choice – but I’m glad I did!

What problem would you love to be able to solve for others in your position – relate it to where you are in your business right now?

Overcoming the procrastination and just getting down to business.

What are your hobbies?

Business, kayaking and hiking

I’ve never tried kayaking! Love me some business and hiking though – hah!

What advice would you like to give to our readers? This can be related to your business service, product, or managing a business… or life in general!

You do not have to do it all. Not every system works for everyone. Just focus on what works for you if there is something you are dreading or takes up too much time then I would recommend outsourcing it.

I agree wholeheartedly. Business owners especially in the beginning seem to stumble on the ‘wearing every hat in their business’. I think we’ve all been there. Some of us just figure out the whole strategic vs. tactical stuff sooner than others 😉

Thanks so much Brandon for spending some time with us and answering our questions!

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About Brandon

Creativity and passion are something that stands out in any business. You have the people who truly inspire to do great things for others and those who innovate for a better tomorrow. My goal is to help those creative and passionate people showcase their business to the world. Through web design and social media marketing I develop a strategy to show off your business’ strengths and passion to bring in new customers, while bringing your brand to the next level.

I focus on innovative internet solutions that improve your online brand through creative web design and social media marketing



To contact Brandon – please feel free to email  or call 509-724-0157


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