If you read our blog on the top 10 social media trends to look out for in 2020, you’ll know that brand storytelling was in there! Storytelling is a great way to build a connection with your audience and create brand trust and awareness. Does your brand have a story? 

Why use storytelling?

Stories have a way of influencing people and their emotions, behaviours, and actions. They find a way to human hearts, people are wired to respond to stories. They’re more likely to remember stories over a fact or figure, and stories can let the audience learn from other’s experiences. Storytelling can be useful for fundraising, raising awareness, and building trust. They create context and can be the base of your marketing strategy. Stories are memorable and relatable by tapping into emotions and building connections. 

How to

  1. Envision: Stories need a beginning, middle, and end. Who are the characters? What is their challenge or goal?
  2. Develop a character: People care about people, create a character that people can relate to or sympathize with.
  3. Guide readers through the story: Take them through all parts of the story: exposition, conflict, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution.
  4. Offer a solution: Encourage your audience to be a part of the solution and part of the story.

Additional info: Provide numbers to back it up, show the audience that there is more that can or needs to be done.

Tips for Brand Storytelling

  • Be clear
  • Avoid facts and figures
  • Build characters
  • Be specific
  • Know your audience
  • Have a system in place to look for them
  • Use everywhere- fundraising, recruitment, business development 
  • Be genuine and authentic
  • Balance of positive and negative
  • Include a call to action
  • Use blog/social/website/visuals
  • Choose your messages
  • Plan your storytelling in your marketing strategy
  • Make your audience feel emotions

If your brand doesn’t have storytelling in your strategy, that’s definitely something to consider adding in 2020!