Every day (three times a day actually), we sift through emails from HARO and send in PR submissions. It’s a pretty time consuming exercise, but more often than not, we get published in really cool places just for spending some time to provide comments that will give some value to our network.

Today was no different, and there was a particular request for submissions that caught my eye. Maybe because it’s one of my BIGGEST PET PEEVES… Proper email signature use!

How many times do you get an email from a professional and they DONT HAVE AN EMAIL SIGNATURE?! It actually drives me insane! It shouldn’t… but it does. The inevitable ‘call me tomorrow at 9am’ and then you scroll down to look for the number in their email signature to discover there is no dang email signature! Now I have to reply and send you another annoying email to ask you what number to call you at. You see… your email woes (by email woes I mean the never-ending amount of emails coming in to you every day) could be somewhat overcome by including some simple information in a nicely formatted email signature for all to admire.

Anyways… here were the questions… and our answers of course!

Q: Do email signatures help organizations increase revenue? If so, by how much?

A: This is an interesting question! I would 100% say they increase revenue, but by how much I think it would vary a lot depending on what’s actually included in that signature and how many people are using it. For example, for us, we link to our reviews, social media, and leaving us new reviews… We know that when people are considering our services they look at how we are rated online. If we didn’t have links to those reviews, we would be losing potential business. We also link to promotions when we have them which increases exposure to whatever we happen to be advertising at that particular time. If you consider how many emails the average business owner sends per day, it’s A LOT of exposure to both your brand, and your key messages or areas you want to draw attention to. I’m always surprised at how many people don’t take advantage of a simple email feature!

Q: What sort of email signature is best to use if you want to increase revenue? Eg. With banner / without banner, With profile picture / with logo etc.

A: We would suggest if you want to increase revenue in any area of your business that your brand is reinforced absolutely everywhere in a professional manner. For this reason, we suggest at minimum a logo and headshot! People love friendly faces!

Q: In your experience, what’s the best way to manage email signatures for new staff members and should you manually install them or use a central management service?

A: In our experience, managing email signatures for a small team is fairly simple. We have one standard template that we edit and provide to each new team member as they come on board and it’s just a part of the set up process for our employees. For larger organizations, it would make sense to host them centrally somehow but this isn’t necessary unless you are replicating the signatures in large batches.

Q: Is there any advice you would give to new business owners on how to create their first email signature for maximum efficiency?

A: If you are creating your email signature yourself, be sure to at least have the necessary information included as text or in an HTML email signature that accompanies any images. Don’t rely on just one image to contain all of your information because many email providers and hosts block images by default so unless someone clicks ‘download images’ they won’t see your lovely signature or any of the contact info on that image.