Add an image to your gmail email signature


Easy as pie – adding an image (and linking it to your website) to your gmail email signature

  1. Log in to gmail (ok, we probably don’t need to list this step hah!)
  2. Go to ‘settings’ (above)
  3. Locate the ‘signatures’ box
  4. Type in your text portion of your signature and then insert your cursor where you want to put the image part of your signature
  5. Click on the ‘image’ icon
  6. Choose the image you want to use (make sure you have your image saved somewhere first to be able to upload it)
  7. click to insert the image and you will be taken back to the signatures box where you can choose the image alignment and text wrapping options
  8. Once your image is in the signature, you can also ‘link’ or ‘hyperlink’ it to your website or social media etc. Click on your image to select it (it will be selected if you can see the box around it.) With it selected, click the ‘link’ icon
  9. Type in the website address or link that you want people to be taken to when they click the image
  10. That’s it – you’re done! Save your changes at the bottom of the settings page and your new image will be displayed on your emails that you are using your email signature with!

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