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Tips for Increasing Online Reviews & Why You Need To Have Them

Let’s get right into it, only 3% of consumers consider salespeople and marketers to be trustworthy. And to be honest, who can blame them?

Why trust someone who will gain a profit when customers now have the ability to learn about a business from a neutral 3rd party – other customers. In fact, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they would personal recommendations, which just so happens to be the current most trustworthy and credible source for information about a business/product. On top of that, 73% of customers gain a business’ trust after reading an average of seven reviews and a whopping 57% of customers visit a business’ website after reading positive reviews.

So, in case I’ve failed to make this overtly obvious, the take away here should be that businesses in today’s market need to have plenty of positive online reviews if they want to traffic potential customers to their website and have them make purchases of their products/services.

There are many social media and online review sites that make it easier to collect customer reviews and testimonials. A recent survey found that when 74% of customers were asked to provide feedback, 68% of them were willing to do it.
how exactly can you get customers to write these (hopefully) raving reviews?


Here are 5 Tips For Increasing Your

Online Reviews


1. Multiply spaces to leave reviews.
2. Make your online presence review-friendly.
3. Have incentives.
4. Share positive reviews you’ve received.
5. Ask customers post-purchase/delivery for a review.


1. Multiply spaces to leave reviews.

Make sure customers can read reviews and learn about your business wherever they may be conducting their online research. Three of the most popular third-party sites people consult, are:

  • Google Reviews (which is part of Google My Business) – Having your business claimed on the world’s biggest search engine is a definite must. Google Reviews is also the most commonly used platform for customer reviews. All types of businesses can be reviewed and rated on a 5-star scale. Although you can’t remove “bad” reviews, Google will remove reviews that do not meet the requirements of their User Contributed Content Policy.
  • Yelp – Yelp is another popular customer review site/app. It can be used to review any kind of business or service. Like Google Reviews, consumers can write reviews and rate their experience on a 5-star scale. It is important to regularly check communications from your profile on Yelp, so your business can obtain a good average response time and rate. Which in effect, typically helps to turn readers into customers.  
  • Facebook – Claim your business’ Facebook Page so potential customers can find and learn about your business without having to leave their social network. This is another site that rewards high levels of responsiveness, so make sure you have someone to monitor incoming messages and catch potential new customers.

Side note: Curious what other popular customer review sites are out there? Check out this blog.


2. Make your online presence review-friendly.

Configure your website, blog posts, social profiles, and emails so that writing a review is made quick and easy for customers.
• Have website badges to direct visitors to your Google Business page, Yelp and Facebook, so that they can quickly read and leave reviews.
Create a page on your website specifically for customers to send in reviews/testimonials. Link to this page in your emails and on all of your business’ social profiles. You can also link to this page within the caption of all your business’ relevant posts.


3. Have incentives.

Show your customers you value their time by giving them a reason to leave a review.  Offering incentives is a great way to do this! Ideas for possible incentives include, discounts or coupon codes, entrance to a contest, or gift cards.


4. Share positive reviews you’ve received.

After your business has received a positive review, highlight it by sharing the review, so other customers can be encouraged to do the same. Share reviews on social media channels to spread awareness of your business and inspire customers. You can reshare positive Facebook reviews on your page, or format positive reviews as branded posts on Instagram for your followers to see.

Social proof is a fantastic marketing tactic – If customers see other people “liking,” or sharing reviews, they’re likely to do the same. This not only encourages customers to leave a review, it also allows your business to promote the positive ones you’ve already received. This can help to spark the interest of new or potential customers online.


5. Ask customers post-purchase/delivery for a review.

Sometimes all you have to do is ask. The real trick is making sure you are asking at the right time.

One way you can ethically and professionally ask for a review, is after a customer has made a purchase/received your services. Ask them for their feedback via email, or as a prompt to write a review at the bottom of the receipt you provide. This can be done by including a link to various sites where a review of your business/product can be left online, (i.e. your website, Google Reviews, etc.). 

Whenever asking for a customer review, make sure to keep it short and sweet.

Customers trust other customers – This is why it is key to have positive reviews that can honestly promote your business. Additionally, customer reviews can be a great way for businesses to understand why they are keeping, or losing their customers. Online reviews and testimonials can educate a business about what needs to remain the same and what may need to be altered. In other words, online reviews can help your business understand why/what people like (about) your product(s)/service(s). Or, help to find the source of what is making customer experiences negative.

Reviews/testimonials can aid in the overall improvement of your business and offer the opportunity to interact with current customers and potential leads. They provide a way for your business to better its understanding of its weaknesses, while providing the opportunity to amend mistakes by allowing your business to communicate with customers directly.  At the end of the day, reviews/testimonials function to prove the value and worth of your business to prospective customers.

Please share with us how reviews & testimonials have helped market, or improve your business!


– Brittany & The EDS Team
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