Instagram isn’t just for travel bloggers, influencers, and consumer brands. Here’s how 35+ B2B companies are building their brands on Instagram.

When it comes to social media, the conventional wisdom is that different platforms work better for different types of brands.

Some say that Instagram is best for B2C, Facebook is key for local businesses, Pinterest is ideal for ecommerce, and LinkedIn caters primarily to B2B.

“They’re all wrong,” says Databox CEO Pete Caputa. “The real key is just knowing how to use each one effectively.”

Want proof? We recently polled 35 marketers to find out if Instagram is an effective platform for B2B marketing. When we asked if it’s possible for B2B brands to succeed on Instagram, 100% said yes.

Additionally, nearly 20% of our respondents say Instagram is responsible for as much as 50% of their site traffic each month.

So it’s absolutely possible to successfully market a B2B brand on Instagram, driving traffic, leads, and conversions.

The next question, then, is how. How can B2B brands use Instagram effectively?

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