12 Social Media Rules That You May be Breaking from @Fivrr

1The beauty of social media is that anybody can get into it and publicize their business to a massive audience. The downside is that unless you are up-to-date on all social media trends and cultural expectations, you may find yourself making some missteps that can actually cost you business.

Here are 12 social media rules that you may be breaking without even realizing:

1. Mixing professional and personal accounts

If you are the personality behind your business, you can feature yourself on your company’s page occasionally, but don’t let your personal views and life spill over into the business’ territory.

For example, a family photo where you wish customers a happy holiday is a nice personal touch. Constant sharing of family photos year-round is simply annoying for customers.

2. Sharing controversial views

Religion and politics, no matter how important they may be to you, are best avoided in social media that is connected to your business.

You are more likely to alienate customers, even those who may agree with you but find such postings distasteful, than you are to rouse a chorus of support.

3. Reacting to every interaction

It’s a big world out there in social media-land. Just because somebody has sent you a message or commented on an ad that you’re promoting doesn’t mean you always need to respond. If a comment is legitimately related to your business, responding is essential.

If a post seems like spam or is simply attacking you or your business inappropriately or vulgarly, it’s best ignored or even deleted.

4. Being monotonous

If all you post about is your opening hours, the service you offer, or why customers should choose you then you may find yourself losing followers quickly.

Keep things interesting by posting relevant news, fun articles and photos that customers would appreciate, and diverse updates on your business.

5. Having an inconsistent identity

Is your social media account all about lighthearted fun or are you trying to project a serious and professional image? Do your ads implement a consistent sense of humor or are they everywhere on the spectrum from dry wit to crude jokes?

Keep your postings diverse to stay interesting, but make sure your social media “personality” is consistent.

6. Not addressing your audience

People of all ages and demographic groups now use social media. Knowing your audience is the key to success in any business venture. Speaking to your audience directly and correctly will make a huge difference in the quality of interactions you receive and in the way followers perceive your business. It also increases your chance of growing your business since potential customers will relate to you better through social media.

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