Hello everyone! 

We hope you’re all staying safe, healthy, and practicing social distancing at this crazy time. A lot of you may be working from home when you’ve typically worked in an office setting. Moreover, many of you are also working at home WITH KIDS which is not something very many of us are pros at 😉

If you’re not used to it, you might find yourself feeling distracted (especially with information overload right now!), so here are our top ten tips for working from home. 

Morning Routine

Without your typical morning routine or commute, it’s helpful to start your day with a routine. This could be having a coffee and going for a walk, doing a workout, or reading. You don’t need to start your work day immediately upon waking up! Our favourite way to get the day started is to take a peek in Trello (the project management tool we use) to see what is coming up due today. Then we map out our time-blocks in our favourite calendars/agendas and get to work. We’ve also started seeing a spike in some of our favourite gyms and yoga studios offering online classes right now, what a great way to start your day!

Get Dressed

Shower and get dressed just as you would for a normal day! This might seem obvious… But don’t work from home in your PJ’s and in bed even though it might seem like a good idea. I mean… sometimes we break this rule 😉 

Take Breaks

Don’t work too hard! Make sure you take a small break every hour or so, and take a longer break (half an hour), every two to four hours. Have you heard of working in pomodoros? More info on that here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomodoro_Technique

Create a Work Space

Have a dedicated place to work!  Although it may be tempting to work in bed, it’s likely not very productive, and it doesn’t leave room for separation in what is supposed to be your spot to relax and sleep at night. Our fav working spot in the home is anywhere with beautiful natural streaming light. Bonus for all of us that might be used to working in an office without windows!

Work Hours

Make work hours for yourself. They don’t have to be the same hours as they would be if you were in the office, but set yourself boundaries. You don’t have to answer emails at 9pm just because you’re working from home. Set yourself work hours and stick to them. You can also consider setting an autoresponder on your email letting people know you’re working at home and your work hours are ____ to ____. This will help set expectations for those communicating with you.

Make Lists

Make a daily checklist of everything you need to get done. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, start with the easiest thing. Once you start crossing things off your list, you will feel more productive. 

Pro-tip: find a project management or list tool that makes this easier for you – we use Trello (the free version) and it’s a great tool to collaborate with your team or to simply track your to-do’s or workflows. Visit http://trello.com/

Virtual Meetings

Need a way to host meetings online? Use Zoom for meetings if you need to talk to your co-workers, clients, or boss! Zoom has a free plan which allows for multiple participants on the meeting at once – you can also use this to host online classes for businesses looking to take things online that were typically in a physical location. Information on zoom: https://zoom.us/

Pro-tip: We use useloom.com to record videos that we use for many other things like demos, team communication, webinars etc. It’s a great way to keep everyone on the same page when working remotely.

What are some of your best work from home tips? Let us know! We are navigating some pretty interesting times right now in the world – let’s help each other out by sharing tips on how to adjust to this new way of life for the time-being.

-Brittany, Kendra, Erin, Sherilee, and Hallie.